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For Sale:
SOLD Samurai S710XX 19oz Mid Rise Slim Tapered Leg Size 34

Will Ship To: USA

Hi , up for sale is a fairly new pair of Samurai 710's with red tab and hidden arc's. I have too much denim at the moment and these get no love. They have only been warm soaked for about 40 mins and worn less than 5X. Another soak or wash should get the shrinkage out and you'll be ready to go.

SOLD shipped anywhere in the US&A ( paypal add 4% )

Current measurements are

Waist: 17.5
Length 37
Knee 8.75-9
Leg Opening 8.5

Info from BIG-

Samurai S710XX19oz Mid Rise Slim Tapered Leg

Price: $345.00

Raw / Unwashed (will shrink approx. 4-6% with washing)

19 ounce Samurai Original Japanese selvage denim

The S710XX19oz is made with Samurai's unique 19 ounce denim. The indigo dyed warp threads are that of size #5 while the weft yarns are that of size #4 creating a smooth finish on the underside of the denim while the face side remains rigid. The selvage contains only a single strand of silver lame symbolizing the sword which the samurai possesses. This is also known as "Sword Selvage".
100% Cotton

Pure Indigo

Front pocket bags have an original Jacquard pattern interwoven with thin Beige threads which reads "Shogyo Mujo" (諸行無常), a basic belief principle that all things of this world are transient and impermanent; also translated as "Everything is transient and always changing" or "All Things Change".

The rivets are made of copper with the underside of the front rivets reading サムライ "Samurai" while the underside of the back rivets read "Shogyo Mujo" (諸行無常). Samurai's iron-made sunrise buttons with the "SAMURAI & CO. LTD + JAPAN'S FINEST" imprint are used for the top center and button fly.
100% cotton thread sewing construction

Made In Japan
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