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Tricep exercises

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I am looking for a couple of new tricep exercises for my workout routine. I need exercises that I can perform without a spotter, as I usually hit the gym by myself. Also, I am doing around 3-5 rep sets, so I need something that is somewhat easy form-wise. Thanks for the suggestions.
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I am not sure what you are currently doing, so here is a list of good tricep exercises, and you can go from there: Nosebreakers Close-grip bench press BullDAWG presses (hold to dumbells together on an incline bench, lower the dumbells to your chest, and press up) Kick backs on a cable machine (the resistance is constant, unlike a dumbell where gravity takes over) Rope Press downs (spread your hands apart on the extension) French press (love these with a dumbell or on a cable machine with a rope) Weighted Dips (THE BEST) Behind the back rope pulls (hold the rope behind your back with your thumbs facing up, start high on your back, and pull down so that your hands go to your thighs)
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Decline nose breakers, then superset close grip bench (might be hard if you dont have a spotter, but you can use a smith machine if available) with weighted dips. Then close it all out with pushdowns. This blows my arms up, but not everyone's the same...let me know if/how it works.
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