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MTM Stroller in Eastern PA

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I am getting married in the fall and our ceremony is in the afternoon.  I've been doing a lot of reading on what to wear, and I think I would like to wear a stroller instead of a tailcoat.  I am in central-eastern PA and neither of our shops that sell MTM know where to get me one.  They've struck out with Hickey Freeman, H. Freeman, Hart Shaffner & Marx, and Jack Victor.  So two questions:


1) Can anyone recommend a shop in Philadelphia or Harrisburg (or nearby either - I am in Lancaster) that can help me out?


2) And/or are there any US companies that someone knows can do a MTM stroller?  I could work backwards from the manufacturer and look for a nearby merchant who sells the line.


I am also near the King of Prussia mall, which has a Neiman Marcus and a Nordstrom.  I went to the former and once I explained what a stroller was (non-satin peak lapels, no vent, one button, besom pockets, "normal" jacket length (did I get that right?)), the NM guy said he could have one made.  Although I am nervous if I have to explain what it is.



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Boyd's in Center City Philadelphia offer MTM services. I know some opera singers who've had very nice fitting semi-formal wear made for them. They looked quite good. Boyd's is quite pricey though.

Centofanti Tailors in Ardmore will do bespoke. I wouldn't be surprised if they're the same price as Boyd's MTM.

I think Brooks Brothers does MTM, but I've had terrible experiences with the center city location. I think there's one in KOP.
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May I suggest that you order a 3 pcs sb Peaked lapels suits (1 or 2 b) in Characoal grey, possibly in a textured fabric, and an extra pair of formal striped trousers, so that you will get it to use most and the MTM service would know what you want.
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Advice from a fellow Pennsylvanian. Here is what I would do and did. Send your best fitting coat to mytailor.com and tell them to duplicate the fit with the style and details that you want. It will take about two months and will cost less than half of BB MTM with better quality. Get very dark charcoal (oxford gray). For warm weather a high-twist, 10 oz. cloth like fresco or for cold a fine herringbone of about 13 oz.  I would advise a DB for it is actually more versatile than a SB peak lapel and you do not need a vest which tends to date the stroller. Two trousers one POW check and one matching. My compliments for choosing this garment for it well deserves a return to favor. You will enjoy it the rest of your life. I wear mine as often as the occasion permits. Only one drawback to the stroller, your new bride may not be able to stand the envious looks from all the other women who will be wishing that you were marrying them.

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I would not get married in a DB, stroller or not, and the vest is part of what to wear at your wedding. Peak lapel SB can be seen everyday, more that I see DB
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I'd highly discourage going online MTM. It won't look good... Look at the abominations on the indochino thread. Total crap.

If mytailor actually does copy items then it might be okay, but I still wouldn't be inclined to use them. The only thing I condone buying from an online MTM store are shirts. I still wear a lot of my Modern Tailor shirts. But even then it took me 2 or 3 orders to get the fit correct.
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I find this coat a highly intriguing stroller alternative

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Originally Posted by RogerC View Post

I find this coat a highly intriguing stroller alternative

This is a short morning coat, also known as d'orsay coat. It is seen at weddings in Italy and as far as I understand it, in Germany, but should not be used outside this. A stroller is more versatile
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Centofanti starts at $2700.

I'm using an outfit that does H. Freeman & Sons MTM in Malvern.
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Thanks all for the replies.  Online MTM was not really an option - it took 3 shirts before Modern Tailor got it right (I continue to use them for shirts, but that is it).  I wanted to have something I could wear out to other semi-formal occasions, so the tailcoat or even the short morning coat was out.


I did go back to the MTM places and took marcodalondra's advice.  The outfit that uses H. Freeman, Jack Victor, and HSM couldn't help. but the other one could.  They were able to do a single button, ventless, peak lapel jacket with besom pockets through Coppley.  So the jacket and trousers will be in a textured, lightweight (I run hot) charcoal wooI,  I choose a lapel-less double-breasted waistcoat in an off-white color (close to what would be used for white-tie).  They didn't have the fabric available right now for the morning suit trousers, but it will be back next month.  If for some reason that falls through, I can always get a pair from Charles Tyrwhitt or someone and then have them altered.  I am spending a few hundred more than I intended, but it should be worth it since I think this will look quite sharp.


I think I am set except for the boots, tie, and shirt, but those should be easy.  :-)


Thanks again for all the help!

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Hi all, since I got help here, I wanted to share the final product.  I think it turned out nicely:


Stroller: Coppley

Formal daytime trousers: H. Freeman

Tie: Drakes

Waistcoat (I went with a color closer to dove grey than the original white): Coppley

Boots: Allen Edmonds Fifth Street




I was impressed with the jacket.  They really did a nice job with a beautiful lapel roll.

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Looks great; I'm looking to pretty much replicate this exactly for my wedding this fall. Just curious where you bought the trousers (i.e. online or in-store)? It seems to me that they are the trickiest part, since a lot of the MTM offerings I've seen don't offer that kind of fabric.

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I got the trousers from the store (TMB in Lancaster, PA).  But the tailor had to call H. Freeman a few times to get them to send the swatch of the cashmere stripe.  I was starting to get nervous because they weren't done until 2 weeks before the wedding, and I started this 3 months out.

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Good to know. I did find an online place in the UK that sells them, and could ship them here for about $350 all-in. However, given the choice, I'd rather buy all of the elements together if possible. I guess ordering online could be a fallback solution.


But your point about the timing is well-taken. I think I need to start going on this now if I don't want to run out of time.


One other question: Did your pants have braces (suspenders)?

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Clermont Direct?
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