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Originally Posted by doughboysc View Post

As of July 2, 2012. I'm now 330 lbs. I've lost 37 lbs. altogether since my highest weight in late 2009 was 367 lbs.
I'm a sedative person. I control my calories, don't each much before I go to bed mostly. Sleep more than 7 hours mostly. What do you think about my weight loss?
Now I can wear 18" neck 34" sleeve. Now my chest is 52" with 36" waist. I've got an Inverted V body.


Congrats dude.  How tall are you?



What are you doing in terms of resistance training and/or working out?



I went from about 200 at 5'5 to about 150 pounds over the past year. 

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Originally Posted by Alden8100 View Post

According to recent research, water and green tea is the best way to lose your weight. I took 8 to 12 glasses of water gradually and 2 to 3 times cup of tea in a day. And now i feel much difference in my weight.


Also because when you switch to water/green tea, you're avoiding as much liquid calories as possible (juice, pop, lattes/cappuccino, and coffee if you don't drink it black).

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Keep going. You're quickly nearing an age where your skin wont tighten up very well from weight loss.
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Originally Posted by Adriane View Post

Hi doughboy,

Congratulations in losing 7 lbs and set realistic goals to lose more weight as obesity is one of the major factor for heart disease so follow balanced diet plan and workout daily to lose and stabilize your body weight. Break your meals in 5/6 small meals including snacks and prefer raw food over processed food. Increase your water intake, drink green tea avoid beverages, soda and even diet soda.

Recent studies suggest that breaking your meals up doesn't work well for weight loss. You are better off with the usual 3 larger meals per day. Supposedly the metabolic rate increase is miniscule, and eating so many meals tends to keep food on the person's mind.

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congrats, keep going! good for you for committing to a goal. quite seriously, you keep it up, it will be life changing.
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what age is it when your skin won't tighten up from massive weight loss?

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