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Saw this today.

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Recall this article about nutrition and a persons height from a historical perspective. It highlights the diet of different cultures, at different times in history, and what their average height was. Thought it might be helpful.

"The Connection Between Height and Health"

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I came within a hair's breadth of taking it -- at 16 I was in the 99th percentile (1st? whatever meant the least growth and the latest puberty) and was literally months away from undertaking the injections. Having already had years of allergy shots, I can assure you that I was not looking forward to it. My mother's family is shortish (grandfather on her side was 5'5"), but my father's family is tallish (dad is 5'11" and brothers are taller; his mother's family are taller still than his), so there was speculation that I might just take after Mom's side of the family.

Related to this, I had to wait until I was 17 to get braces because not all of my baby teeth had fallen out/adult teeth come in until part way through my 16th year.

Bizarrely, I am now 6'2" despite NOT having the shots -- I suspect that later puberty actually meant more height. I don't think I stopped growing completely until I was almost 25, though the bulk of the height came in years 17-20.

Years later I got some insight into the late growth pattern. My younger (by 2.5 years) brother and I vacationed in Ireland after university. We took in a youth hurling game in Co. Kerry (whence our father's family hails) and asked about the age of the participants, having guessed they must be 13 or 14. Turns out they were 16-17 year-olds, so maybe there is a genetic delay of sorts associated with that particular population group?

Globe, your son is only 10, so it seems early to me to be thinking about growth hormone, but maybe the protocols/procedures have changed since the '70s? I know that as a short (always the smallest in my classes through grade 10 at least) kid, it never really bothered me, and I wonder if maybe it made me tougher/more competitive than if I had been taller. It certainly made me mouthier ... laugh.gif
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GH for kids!? I don't think that's a good idea especially when he has not fully developed yet.


GH at this stage may have an adverse effect in the long term such as a lower testosterone production which can lead to further problems.

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Don't listen to the dude. Go to a doctor and have your sons hgh levels tested and then ask his opinion

Gh is for kids who don't have enough
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thanks - yes, let me clarify that I wasn't planning on buying the stuff from a mexican pharmacy, if we decide to go this path it will be working with my son's pediatrician and with a specialist. and it's really something that we have only just started to bounce around.

but thanks for the input
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