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Here is a recent blog post that will give you more background on Jim Ockert the owner and on the store.

By the way, if you are in the store, don't be shy about asking to meet Jim to say "hello". He enjoys meeting customers and offering style suggestions. But, the whole staff is great and very helpful.
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Here is a recent blog post by Khaki's of Carmel with their new, Spring 2013 Luciano Barbera. I need to get down there soon...

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That knit is crispy. Did you kop, PSG?
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post

That knit is crispy. Did you kop, PSG?

Not yet smile.gif I will probably take a trip down there again in a week or two.
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I second Spoo's endorsement of the tie--it looks amazing. Let me know when you plan on heading down to Khaki's again...
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Probably three weeks. Want to join me? We can do a "sartorial roadtrip" to Carmel.
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Kiyoshi AKA The Silentist on Tumblr just posted this review that you might enjoy.
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Ian, AKA squalortoballer on Tumblr, who many of you met at the WIngtip event, just wrote up this story on Khaki's of Carmel.
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Khaki's of Carmel just launched their e-commerce site and is now offering Edward Green and G&G shoes.
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The shoes look great (albeit out of my price range)! I'm hoping to see some of their private label offerings online soon as well.

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I bought this Seaward & Stern tie on Monday at Khaki's on my way to go camping in Big Sur. This is my favorite time of year to be in Carmel/Big Sur. The weather is mild and it isn't crowded. The California Coastline is rather magical in the early Spring. Nothing better than lunch at Napenthe overlooking the blue Pacific.

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I hate shopping for pants online. Period. Pants are never fun to buy. You really are not built like the mannequins that you see them on, so they never look the same on you. You have a million options, and most of them are crappy. Its even more frustrating when you are as busy as me and cant often get to a store to try on and familiarize yourself with a brand to order for the future without guessing sizes. So, when I find one I like, I stock up on them. I dont think I have to look any further.

A few months ago, Jim Ockert from Khaki’s of Carmel contacted me about a new line of pants that they are working on. I was a bit reluctant, honestly, as I really didnt want to start the process of the trying on, back and forth, etc. However, I have been pretty curious about Jim’s product after seeing lots of photos on tumblr, so I gave them a whirl.

I received a package from Jim that had two pants, a magazine, a hand written card, and some damn fine packaging a few weeks later. Jim explained that the pants are a new cut for them, something modern and clean.

Let me rewind a bit and tell you how I prefer my pants to fit. I like a very narrow hip, and a slim thigh. The leg should taper to about a 7.5” opening at the cuff and I prefer little to no break. As a tall (6’1) slender (ahem) guy, I dont like voluminous pants at all and prefer something very clean and sharp. Its not easy to find quality pants that hit all this criteria while still being affordably priced as well as crafted with care and attention.

It took me a bit to get the alterations done to get them hemmed up and pinned, but I just got them back the other day and was really, really impressed. This pair, a 100% cotton in a greenish/khaki twill is a great pant for summer. Im not usually a fan of cotton pants because the memory of the fabric and wrinkles usually bring out the OCD in me. But, after wearing them all day, seated and standing, they wrinkling in them was minimal.

The fit was extremely comfortable - a bit looser and just ever so slightly more generous than my Panta pants, but still a slimmer, more narrow fit.

Jim had sent me size 34 in these, which is my usual size, but I had to get them brought in about 1” in the waist - so consider that when ordering. Your experience may be different, but I thought they were a little big for the size.

Its been a really long time since I got a new pair of pants from a new maker, but Im glad I tried these and I look forward to more in the future. Ive got a pair of gorgeous grey wool/cashmere pants from Jim at the tailors now, cant wait to get those on too.

Whats pretty amazing, even more than these really well fitting pants, is Jim’s interest to listen to customers, and really put his product out to a new audience. I was asked so many times if there was something that I would change in the fit of the pants (nothing), how I liked the construction (handmade in Brooklyn, NY - how can you not like that), and other things. I mean, thats important. You listen to your customers, not force feed things down their throats. Their service is top, top notch there. Its a store I would have never shopped at before - I dont live in California. But Jim is doing a great job bringing California to the world.

This is my second piece from the J. Lawrence line at Khaki’s - my first, a gorgeous gingham shirt featured below in St. Maarten, is another piece I will get a heck of a lot of use out of this summer :

While Ive never been to Carmel, CA, Im really enjoying these bits of California sunshine coming to me.

Featured here with a Brunello Cucinelli jacket, Kiton shirt, Tom Ford knit tie, Robert Talbott silk pochette, ostrich belt by Avi Rossini, and Alden for Brooks Brothers unlined shell cordovan pennies.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post


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Are the pants not made by Hertling? Like everyone else's Made in Brooklyn offerings. Not that that's a knock on them. I'd like to check them out
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I think Hertling makes for Howard Yount, Epaulet, Lands End (high end), and Ben Silver.
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