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Any Flyers fans happy about the Briere buyout? Any Flyers fans happy that Briere is being bought out and not Bryzgalov? I'm sincerely beginning to believe Holmgren has no idea what in the actual fuck he's doing; even though Briere did have an off-year last year, I'm not sure this is a good idea.
Holy shit I forgot about Brown gear. Are those pads even legal these days? They look fat as hell at the bottom with that taper up to the top. My team growing up had the Panther's colour scheme so I was always scoping out Beezer. Dat mask, too...

Dat 90's NHL feel: Brians errything icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif God, Trevor Kidd had heinous equipment lol. Who even uses Brian's these days? Halak? My very first piece of brand-new goal equipment was a red-on-black Brians Thief II glove... got it signed by Jeff Hackett at goalie camp.

Yea Brown gear hasn't been seen in the pros in ages, although tons of pro goalies still wear brown chest units. They're like tanks. Goalies in Brian's at the NHL level are.....Halak, Emery, Mason, and Craig Anderson. A few in the minors too.
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Really into this series, the games have had me on edge. Looking forward to tonight

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Torts to Vancouver. It'll be interesting tracking the progress of these two teams next season.
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what a third.
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I miss the days when the team was able to skate around the entire rink following the guy with the cup.
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Congrats to hawks what a great series
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That's what I get for going to bed after the second ffffuuuu.gif I thought for sure the Bruins would shift into beastmode and take it to seven. Surprised to see them pull a Maple Leafs Choke in the last 1:17.

Congrats Hawks. Maybe its just me, but did Canucks fans boo as loudly when the CS and SC were awarded to Boston? Pretty sad display... at least have some respect for the winners. I think Crawford got robbed of the CS a little bit but Kane was equally clutch.

Now time for a very long summer - all my money is on Mackinnon - Jones - Drouin going 1-2-3. Also, RIP playoff format 1994-2013...
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whats the new format? Detroit and Columbus to the east next year...great.
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lol @ Toronto's vagina pain

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also, I'm just catching up on the twitter feeds from last night. CondescendingTorts was en fuego.
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I hate when fans boo Bettman during the presentation. It just seems shitty.

Also just wow Bruins blowing a 2-1 lead that quickly.
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It is shitty. It's always a bit of a drag when the winning team is in the oppositions building. Philly wasn't much better when we won there.
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As part of the buyout the Flyers will pay Bryzgalov $1.643 million per year for the next 14 years to not play for them. He will no longer count against their salary cap.
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what the buyout really means is that next year Bryz will be a Vezina finalist
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