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The way they're playing, the Rags should just go home and forfeit games three and four. Terrible start to the game.

edit: and Callahan makes me look like an idiot. Beauty move.
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How about Krug though. Wow.
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I love when AHL guys get called up and impress in the postseason. Last year it was Holtby, this year looks like Bruins D.

I really don't think Torts has a job in NY after this series unless he turns this series around. "Hagelin stinks on the PP." Who says that? Why call out someone who's been playing decently while Nash, Richards, et al have largely been invisible and/or haven't produced? I think his angry approach has worn out his welcome.... cussing out media and screaming at everything gets stale and it seems like its lost its effect.
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I doubt anything will happen to Torts. Same with Laviolette.
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that's it for the Rangers this season. So it goes.
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Is NYR just not able to score or is Boston in beast mode?

Poor hank. Trade him to a team that can score for his own good.
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I think its Torts to be honest. Pierre McGuire said it during one of the PPs yesterday, there is NO structure, and what appears to be NO COACHING done with it. No strategy. One way to get more scoring (which has been our problem for the past 3 years) is to make sure the PP clicks or at least is threatening...but really, I wouldn't be afraid to take liberties against the Rangers because I know the pp won't score. I think with the right coach, a lot of the pieces are in place with the Rangers, Torts seems to keep forcing a square peg into a round hole with these guys though.
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AV and his assistants get canned in Vancouver... Not sure that is the right move. They were one game away from the Cup and while they lost Ehrhoff to FA they made a few bad moves roster wise to mess with a winning formula. They have underachieved the last two seasons but I think that's more of a reflection on Gillis than AV. Hell, without the cap hit of two starting goalies bogging the team down, AV could've done more I think. He wont be unemployed for long...

I still think NYR will be looking for a new coach after the next game.... nod[1].gif
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IMO Gillis should have gotten the boot instead. He dragged out the whole Luongo saga that was a stupid distraction for players, coaches, and fans. AV didn't ask for the the whole event to be dangled over his head while he tried to coach around it, but he naturally had to deal with it anyways. And as the Pens loaded up with Murray, Iginla, and Morrow for the playoffs, Vancouver loaded up with ... Derek Roy. Meh.
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Richards scratched tonight for NYR. That is a head scratcher, unless Powe and Clowe are both ready to suit up tonight. He's had a tough year, but clearly Torts shows no mercy.

next step: buy out
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Does this mean Toronto was actually good? Or is NY just shitting the bed completely?
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

is NY just shitting the bed completely?

this one.
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Not over yet it seems.

I really wish Hagelin would have scored that on the PP laugh.gif
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I love watching Zuccarello chase Chara into the corners.
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