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Need a gif of ribeiros face after he scored
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epic multipost
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multipost hat trick
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Need a gif of ribeiros face after he scored

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iggy is one step closer! pens didnt really inspire any faith in them this series... they aren't playing like champs and will definitely lose out second round if they put on another performance like this one. i have a sneaking suspicion anderson will halak them in the next round.

sorry nyi. if there's any consolation, tavares is an elite talent and an absolute beast. if snow is a smart gm he makes a run at bernier/miller. no reason why the isles shouldn't be a playoff contender in the years to come.
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hahaha, excellent.
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Tough break for the NYI. Tavares is amazing, hes going to make a brilliant captain one day. Luongo?
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Ha, Luongo back on the Isles... I'd love to hear what Milbury thinks of that. I wonder if he'd get as poor as a return as Milbury got for him in the first place laugh.gif

Really surprised at Detroit... it seems like Perry went MIA all series. Howard surprisingly wasn't awful and I thought Hiller would have done much better. Does this mean Boudreau is a playoff headcase, or did the Ducks big guns simply not show up? Also... Selanne frown.gif I hope this isn't the end of him though it probably is. "Legendary" and "transcendent" are two appropriate words for that career.

Pretty impressed with the Leafs, too - they handled Boston pretty well last night. Good for Reimer and his hot wife.
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god damn leafs. Just die already and let the playoffs return to normal.

Game 7 tonight in DC. I figure the Caps will win it, but it was great to see Lundqvist get the shutout last night.
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Man watching the game yesterday as well as game 5 in person was so stressful. HOltby stopping 28 of 29 shots and still losing because they couldn't sneak one past King Henrik is stressful. As a goalie that should be enough for a win but Lundy is on fire right now. Not sure I will survive watching tonight's game. Contemplating tickets but if they lose it will be a miserable late night.
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Yeah Lundqvist was beasting yesterday, poor Holtby.

I can only imagine, gort... I'd be a ball of nerves.
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Three game sevens tonight.. Leafs/bruins, caps/rags and hometown OHL knights/ colts to see who goes to the memorial cup. Hockey bliss icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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