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Toronto :laugh

I expected that one, but I didn't expect the Isles to go limp like that.
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Caught the highlights this morning on NHL tonight, wow NYI. frown.gif

Fuck Pittsburgh.
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I had to Lol at McGuire insisting Nabokov started playing poorly after Iggy beaned him in the head with a slapper... Good old Pierre. Don't miss him on TSN. Ignore the fact that he got beat by total snipes from 15 feet out or rebound scrambles.

Semi related but I'm doing work near the border and stuck with american satellite and wow, NBC sucks. It is awful in every sense of the word... You guys need some TSN. CBC isn't as good as it used to be but NBC as a whole is brutal.
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Islanders looked like a pee wee team from what I saw last night.

A couple of observations:

1- There really isn't ANY, aside from the 8-1 series, that are gimmes. No team aside from the Isles and Wild can I see opponents "glad" they got.

2- I really think Lundqvist is the man this playoff year. He may be the Jonathan Quick of last season...he just has that look about his game, like he'll single handedly be the Cup winner. Every year there's one that makes the finals. Fingers crossed.

3- Maybe I'm the only one who notices, but when I was younger one of the things that I loved about the playoffs were the crisp white nets and bright red pipes that every team would always get new for the "second season". I wish they kept this up...I feel a little cheated seeing the dirty nets from the season used in these first playoff rounds.

I know, I'm weird.
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Lars Eller just got smoked.
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That looked really bad. He ragdolled before he even hit the ice... Talk about a suicide pass.

Edit: geez, now Anderson takes one on the chin
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I think I'm cheering for goalies more than teams. I want Harding, Anderson, holtby and to a lesser extent hank to do well. Harding because he's overcome a shitton of adversity even before the MS, Anderson because his career has turned a full 180, holtby because he is the typical weirdo goalie + ahl callup heroics last year, and hank because I just think he should win a cup.

Really hoping for an 09 halak story again. Epic underdog goaltending performance for the ages that spawned multiple memes in real life.
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This just got good. biggrin.gif

Don't want to jinx it but icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

And to think I was set to be on a plane to Louisville right now for the derby. A blessing in disguise my flight got pushed back to tomorrow morning!
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So, like I was saying about Henrik...
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How bad was the actual hit on Eller. Were the defenseman's arms raised? Was the principal point of contact the head? I have a feeling the visor did the most damage when he hit the ice...
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This is right after contact. Look how low Gryba got. He clearly had no intent to hit Eller's head, but I know he's get a big suspension because of the injury. The guy who feels worst about this? Diaz...what a douche pass.
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Hard to tell exact point of contact but it looked like upper chest or shoulder. One angle seems to show him getting hit in the side of the head but short of a frame by frame replay its hard to definitively say what it was.

Honestly it just looked like Eller got hit really hard while unaware; it was a suicide pass after all. His head bounced hard off the ice which is where he got the broken nose and missing teeth. I don't think it was a malicious play, just a suicide pass that ended poorly.
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Suspend the defenseman. IMO.
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Hope Eller is okay, that was ugly. The hit was clean though. No headshot, no elevating elbows/arm, no leaving of the feet. On top of that he had the puck.

Don't blame the officials as they have a split second decision and the hit was so hard, your instant reaction is probably that it was bad. He got five and a game which hind sight says was overkill. No suspension.

And I am cheering for the Habs in this one.

on a side note the Ottawa Sun should be ashamed of their headline and pic of Eller.
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I saw that headline...yikes.
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