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That's good to hear... hopefully it pans out for them. Being 2 games from the SCF and making changes as drastic as they did never seems to go well (see: Philly) so hopefully they didn't mess with a proven formula too much.

I'm preparing for dark days ahead in Calgary. The game was tied 2-2, went to make a sandwich, came back and its 5-2. Looks like we're missing Jbo's 25 minutes a night already, and the top guys just look lost without Iggy. On the plus side... a lottery pick... nod[1].gif
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the problem was they entered the season fairly intact from the prior and they lost a little bit of grit for a lot of scoring potential. Didn't really work out that way.
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

And all the optimism in Washington with the Caps turning things around just vanished. Filip Friggin' Forsberg for ERAT??? I mean Erat is a decent player but I'm not sure Forsberg's upside is worth trading away.. especially for a team whose Cup window has closed and needs to take a long hard look at their future. What a mess... I think George McPhee has overstayed his welcome in Washington. How do you feel about this gort???
Wow, didn't see that earlier. Buffalo did very well here.

So Pominville with 1 year left on his contract fetches Larsson, Hackett, 1st + 2nd round pick... Iggy and Jbo fetch... ugh.

I had to do a double take when that headline popped up on my gamecenter app. The amount of buzz about Forsberg, you'd think they would be interested in keeping him in the system. If he turns out to be a stud fans are going to be bitching for years about this deal. ffffuuuu.gif
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interesting write up on the Gaborik trade and the new players:

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Well, Crosby's out for the rest of the season with concussion symptoms. Tough luck.

Edit: Maybe early sources, but now they are saying no concussion symptoms.
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yikes, very tough luck. The jaw thing sucks ass and all, but the concussion could have severe long-term affects.

and it was just this season that he really hit his stride again after the long recovery.
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Took a knee to the side of my head playing goalie the other night. Loose puck out in front and I dove to cover it. Enter the path of a player skating across, knee hit right in the side of the head. Kind of scary, definitely felt a little shook up but I've felt ok the days after.
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i got a concussion playing hockey when I was maybe 16 or 17. The "head in the fog" feeling sucked but was manageable, but the amnesia was scary. Luckily none of it was bad and I didn't have much, if any, post concussion symptoms.

i also had to get PT on my spine after I took a nasty check to the back of my upper hip. My back muscles got all wacky and it pushed my spine over. Had to rehabilitate and strengthen the other side to push it back.
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fun fact: 6 players scored goals in their first night with their new team. And Bishop had a shutout.
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Good discussion about that on Team 1040 here in Vancouver, chalk it up to the adrenilin pump players have upon arriving at a new team. Derek Roy fit in quite well in Van (got an assist, played great), balanced out our lines much better.

Kes is skating again which is good and Kassian's timeout seemed to wake him up for at least last night. Zack is still a project but if he could play only 2/3 of games like he did yesterday......Hopeful fan talk - maybe.

Real season always seems to begin right after the trade deadline - have fun watching!
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I hate to repost stuff from HFBoards since its the place where dreams go to die, but this is too good:

Originally Posted by gomestar View Post

fun fact: 6 players scored goals in their first night with their new team. And Bishop had a shutout.

Lightning fan on HFBoards were outraged at the Conacher/Bishop trade saying things like "Ottawa traded us their third goalie for rookie of the year" and "we just traded for an unproven goalie." lol8[1].gif I hope last night shut them up... if Conacher didn't have a hot start to the season then they'd all be dancing for joy. Obviously time will tell if both of them pan out or not but Bishop has bailed out Ottawa in parts of two seasons now whereas Conacher is still riding the hype from his hot start.
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that's hilarious. "offside buffer zone" and the sussinct "kronwalled" are awesome.
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Yeah "Duchene's offside buffer zone" made me spit out my coffee. "Shea Weber's WWE Corner" lol8[1].gif
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the more I look at it, the better it gets. "Yak celebration area" taking up 80% of the rink. "Phaneuf shooting target" nowheres near the goal.

I think the "Beware Pierre" could also say something like "john giannone radio face factory"
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Fun fact: The Buffalo Amerks are now 3-0!
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