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also, a player finally died from a head shot. It was in Russia, apparently a guy was hit, felt like shit the next day and went to the hospital, went into a coma and subsequently died.
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Originally Posted by gomestar View Post

also, a player finally died from a head shot. It was in Russia, apparently a guy was hit, felt like shit the next day and went to the hospital, went into a coma and subsequently died.

Thats horrible. But lets face it, nothing will change in the NHL until an NHLer dies. And it WILL happen, bet on an icing play as well. Was this the K? Gonna be at the Garden tonight to be disappointed in person this time.
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i don't think KHL, but I'm not certain which league. They didn't have a replay either, just the guy getting up after the hit.

I think the NHL should use the NCAA's hybrid icing rule, but that's just me.
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It was the Kazakhstan League not the KHL - but a tragedy all the same.

I agree gomestar - logical first step. Lets face it, most of the head shot issues are solved with a bit of common sense - but that seems totally lacking in both the NHL and NHLPA.
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Nm. Twitter joke from Giroux.
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I read about that Russian player being killed in the Kazakh league. Horrible tragedy - young father with two kids.

I honestly don't know what the league's response would be if someone died, nor do I know what an appropriate response would be.
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Holy shit. I hope there's a lynch mob ready to run Feaster out of town... I actually feel sick to my stomach over these two trades.

STL - Jay Bouwmeester
CGY - Conditional 2013 1st*, defenseman Mark Cundari and goaltender Reto Berra
*2013 first-rounder if STL makes playoffs, 2014 first-rounder if they do not.

Mid-to-late first. Cundari is an undrafted 5'9" AHL defenseman, and Berra is a 2006 fourth-rounder who has played his entire career in the Swiss league. This is ludicrous; how we managed to get another two nobodies and no good prospects coming back is beyond me. What in the hell is Feaster thinking? JBo is slightly overpaid, but not by much. He's done extremely well this year under Hartley and has turned his game around a lot. He eats minutes and is easily a top-pairing guy on most of the teams in the league - and there are no other defensemen like that on the trading block this year. It's a seller's market for d-men and Feaster traded him for a bag of pucks.

LAK - Robyn Regehr
BUF - Two 2nd-round picks

Why is this offensive to me? Buffalo got more for Regehr two years AFTER Feaster traded him to Buffalo in the first place. The initial trade was:

BUF - Regehr, Kotalik, 2nd round pick
CGY - Paul Byron, Chris Butler

Byron is an AHL lifer and Butler is a depth d-man who is worse than Regehr. Kotalik was a salary dump, despite being in the last year of his contract at the time, and was waived nearly immediately after being sent to Buffalo. In other words: we dumped salary so we could have cap room after trading a 7th for Freddy Fucking Modin, traded a 2nd for an AHLer and a better defenseman for a worse defenseman. Two years later Buffalo turns around and trades a 33 year old Regehr for two second-rounders.

What. The. Fuck. Worst GM since Milbury... at least Burke redeemed himself with the Kaberle trade. I'm furious. Its very difficult to cheer for this team right now.
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TradeCentre is gonna freak as it appears everything is happening pre deadline day with all that happened over the last couple days. Today is no different.

Canucks pick up Derek Roy for a 2nd and Kevin Connauton.

Sounds like the Jagr to Bruins is done too.
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Roy commands a top defense prospect while Iggy and Jbo do not. Makes sense. So bitter frown.gif

Tradecentre is always a letdown. I watched all day last year and saw absolutely nothing of interest, and then 10 minutes after I shut it off Hodgson for Kassian goes down.
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Jury out big time on Connauton...we were getting a bit concerned here in Van.

I know you are bitter but three first rounders in this draft is pretty decent...no? Pretty much guaranteed top 3-4 and who knows if you get lucky with the lottery.
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I know, and I should be glad the Flames are embracing a rebuild, but Feaster seems content with middling returns for his best trade bait. He's come out on the losing end in nearly every trade he's ever made. I understand Iggy and Jbo had NTCs with Iggy being an impending UFA and Jbo having an atrocious caphit, but the returns still leave a little to be desired.

On that note, word on the street is Feaster left a better return on the table rather than retain some of Jbo's salary. Trading him at 5 instead of 6.7 for one year and getting Cole / Rattie instead of two nobodies makes a hell of a lot more sense to me - this team isn't desperate for cap space and Jbos contract runs out after next season. Seems prudent in planning for the future but hey, I don't bankroll the team.

This is a deep draft, but for every Giroux or Getzlaf picked in the 20's there's a Fata, Pelech or Chucko. Given Feaster drifted a nobody who played highschool hockey in the first round last year its safe to say I'm not exactly confident in the draft outcome, three first rounders or not.
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Clowe to NYR. I'm wondering about Richards and Gaborik. Gabby because he hasn't been producing, and Richards because of the cap lowering next year.

also, that Carolina injury into the boards while chasing the icing looked painful. More calls for hybrid icing.
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Bishop to Tampa
Mason to Philly
Gaborik to Columbus (woah)
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Gaborik trade is surprising, wasn't he doing well with Nash?

Still pending him waiving his NTC though.

Edit: Gaborik has agreed to waive NTC to CBJ. Wow.
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Originally Posted by sonick View Post

Gaborik trade is surprising, wasn't he doing well with Nash?

not really. Stepan and Hagelin have been playing well with Nash. For the past month or two, Gabby has just not been scoring.

the trade would bring Derrick Brassard, John Moore and Derek Dorsett.
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