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I think this is a Torts issue. The team is not the same team as last year's but he's going with the same "grind it out" mentality. The guys mentioned in the comment above were all "grind it out" players. The only real grinders left are Callahan and a bunch of third and fourth liners. I don't think Powe fits...he just seems to be running all over with out the size to really make people fear his hits. 2 goals scored in the last three games with this team's roster is not acceptable. Fuck back checking, let Gaborik loose.
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the people NYR lost were all 3rd and 4th liners.
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Originally Posted by gomestar View Post

the people NYR lost were all 3rd and 4th liners.

They're not grinders though...Stepan is no grinder. Pyatt has size but plays with the intensity of a heroin addict. Boyle was always seen as having thepotential to be a great power fwd, but never realized. Halpern is a face-off guy. They lack grit. They're soft everywhere on the ice unless Callahan and occasionally Nash get pissed off. That grit, in my mind, is what made last years team so hard to play against. Teams are setting up and having cake in front of the Rangers net and guys are so scared to take penalties that they're paying for it. Anyway, we sure do suck this year.
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i def. agree that presence in front of the net (of both ends) is really weak this year. They have the ability, but it just doesn't happen. They've been fairly strong along the boards, but not nearly aggressive enough, which I think explains the lack of PP's lately (last few games they've averages something like 1.5 per game).

I don't think the grit issue explains why Richards and Gaborik (and now Nash) aren't scoring. It helps create space in the zone, but not really on the rush. The Gabby puck fumble kind of sums up his season to me.
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There's also the pressure of playing for NYR when they are expected to do well also.
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i know. I think Gabby is past this, he's just off. It affected Nash a little at the start, then he was en fuego, and how he is cold (and it's while they're on the road).
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I thought it was an issue of Torts getting stale, but NYi's comment on how he's trying to push a grinding system from last year onto this skill team makes sense. You guys are in a tough conference... But you are only 2pts ahead of my abysmal Flames. At least i expected them to suck laugh.gif Rough when you have high expectations for sure.

The Flames are in that horrible habit of winning enough to get me thinking about a playoff race but losing enough to guarantee missing the playoffs while picking at 7-10. Looks like another 9th or 10th place finish. At least Edmonton sucks properly and gets good picks. My only hope is that Iggy gets traded as a rental since he's UFA this summer and we get a first out of it.
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nice little visit from Glenn Anderson at the Garden last night

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Brodeur 'scores' his 3rd career goal.

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huge win by the Rangers in Philly last night. They really need the points to both stay in a playoff spot and to open up a little space in front of the 9th-11th seeds.

some touch road matches coming up next.
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Hahaha, from last night's snoozer 1-0 win against the Blue Jackets:

@BizNasty2point0 Hey @strombone1, you catching up on Real Housewives of Vancouver? @NHL pic.twitter.com/hsKfALl30q

@strombone1 @BizNasty2point0 if you were at this game you'd understand.....
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Iggy's going to Boston. Book it. frown.gif

I spent forever hoping and praying that Feaster would do the right thing and trade Iggy, but now that its happening, I feel pretty sad. He's a legendary player and heart of the team and I'm really not looking forward to the return we get from Boston. The Flames get fleeced in trades by the Leafs almost yearly, and the Chiarelli fleeces the Leafs on a regular basis. If the Flames get a bad return I will be heartbroken. frown.gif
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Originally Posted by jarude View Post

Iggy's going to Boston. Book it. frown.gif

the Bruins are sending center Alexander Khokhlachev, defenseman Matt Bartkowski and a first-round draft pick at this year's NHL Draft to Calgary.
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