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calling them the Brooklyn Islanders would be pretty cool. Shame.
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Yes, the Rangers could very well have an issue with that. Case in point is our very own NewYorkRanger. I suggest he becomes known as "the member formerly known as NewYorkRanger" and simply have a symbol.
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I really wonder what they're going to do to make this work. This is the seating chart for the previously scheduled preseason games in Barclays.

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I accept that. Would the symbol be the Isles logo? I hope that the league changes its stance before 2015, as part of being a team in Brooklyn TO ME, means that the team adopts the independent spirit of Brooklyn...for Chrissakes they still refer to the vote in 1898 to become part of greater NYC as the "Great Mistake of '98".

I've already begun to give away some of my Ranger stuff to kids in school and plan on selling a lot of the other stuff. I have some cool memorabilia if anyone is interested, and a bunch of jerseys in size 46 and 48 (pro).

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consider me interested in Jerseys, especially the older ones.
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Only one I'm hanging on to is my 1995 Ulf Samuelsson jersey, my pops bought that for me, so it can stay in storage...

I have a Barnaby Jersey Blue Home (38), Todd Harvey White Liberty Head (40), Avery White Away (38) and the Staal (46) and Prust (46)new fitted ones. Those are all my pro jerseys...thinking $100 a pop is fair, will probably put a thread in B&S Other. PM if anyone is interested.

Gonna give the replicas I have away to the kids in school (plus a bunch of tees, towels and hats)
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So stoked.
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don't you feel dirty, switching allegiances? maybe even a little bit?

while i admittedly am a big eberle fanboy, the thought of becoming an oilers fan gives me the heebie jeebies.
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I don't feel dirty at all, maybe a little sad, because I had a lot of memories with my dad who started taking me to Ranger games when I was 7, but now I can do the same thing with my son and daughter so much more conveniently and regularly that the team will be in Brooklyn, PLUS, my dad may come in with me on the season seats.

I honestly believe sports teams need to work more to keep their fans, because I was a die hard, and if the move was able to grab me, imagine how many casual fans it would take. When I gave up my seats at the Garden it was gut wrenching. I wanted to downgrade to a partial season, but they were phasing those plans out, and only offered restricted view seats for partial season ticket holders, and the prices kept going up. I was really upset. My firends had it worse, they were season ticket holders for 15 years (half season) until they moved them there. They stayed one season and then didn't renew. So much for customer/fan loyalty on the club's part.

I'm not switching because of a player, I'm switching because tickets won't cost me nearly as much, won't have to pay to park ($30 per game for MSG) or take the train for an hour on GOOD days. Parking isn't an issue at BC, 10 minute train ride gets me right there and 4 blocks from my apt. But most importantly its a HOME TOWN TEAM. These guys will be involved in my community, not the UES, or Gren Village. Its a chance for my kids to have a home team. My dad and uncle (the two men who were always in my life) had always talked about how special it was to have the Dodgers here...now my kids get to have that, and I'm along for the ride with 'em. I was stoked about the Nets, but I'm not really a big basketball fan, but I was still SUPER excited. Now with the Isles, I have a team in a sport I'm truly passionate about, right in my own backyard, the place I was born and love. FYI, my wife and I named our first child (whether it was a boy or girl wouldn't've mattered) after it. This place is that important to me.

I've gotten a lot of shit from my Ranger fan friends, but looking at it, they're either not from Brooklyn, or do not have kids, so they don't really get my motivation. Those who do have kids know that giving them their own team (a hometown team) to support trumps everything. Can not wait for 2015. We'll be getting to a few games at the NC the next few years so they can get to know the team and we can get to know the organization, but I'm not looking fwd to the 45 minute car trips...
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icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif passionate stuff man, makes me sad there's no team around me worth supporting. the leafs are 2 hours away, and honestly, fuck the leafs and everyone in that organization. i would be a detroit fan if it werent for the fact i grew up hating them so i can only muster up respect.
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NYR NYI, consider getting a Molson jersey. I was in a few classes with him in college, dude is a class act.
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Originally Posted by gomestar View Post

NYR NYI, consider getting a Molson jersey. I was in a few classes with him in college, dude is a class act.

I was thinking about who I would get...thanks for the tip, always seemed an honest player too, though I do like Hamonik...and McGratton is an Islander once we start playing
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I understand NYR's thinking on this one, but I could never switch allegiances. I'll be a Habs fan until I die. If they disappeared I still wouldn't adopt a new team.
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I've always been for the NYR, but a few years ago I became hooked on watching the Sabres too. I have a few relatives in Buffalo, and one of my cousins started working for the Sabres organization and he would always mail me game pucks and stuff. I'd usually follow them and root for them, but I became a big fan one year in the playoffs, it was the series they lost in a game 7 OT with Kasparitis scoring and then doing the ice flop.
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Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington View Post

I understand NYR's thinking on this one, but I could never switch allegiances. I'll be a Habs fan until I die. If they disappeared I still wouldn't adopt a new team.

to be fair, you don't really have any alternatives. i think every fan of a canadian hockey team finds every other canadian team quite distasteful, with the exception of everyone having to pick a side between montreal / toronto.
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