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Originally Posted by Van Veen View Post

2 weeks gone. ffffuuuu.gif

If they cancel any more I might go on a stabbing spree. I need hockey to keep my sanity.
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Am i the only one who totally sides with the players re: the lockout itself? Not the terms negotiated, but locking the players out as a negotiation tactic. The players were willing to negotiate and play, owners said, "No thanks". Two Jerseys Senators are working to get the issue resolved saying it could potentially destroy Newark. Apparently they haven't been to Newark since 1945, but its still nice to see American politicians weighing in.
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Blues released John Davidson. As much as I miss his color commentary on MSG, I feel Joe Michaletti has done a great job and I'd hate to see him go, even for JD, although JD says he'd like to be in some sort of hockey management position. Perhaps President of the Rangers when Messier becomes GM?
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The Flames have been kicking the tires on JD for a couple of months now. Wouldn't be surprised to see him replace Ken King. But so far all the talk is that he's going to the Jackets.
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Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger View Post

Perhaps President of the Rangers when Messier becomes GM?

this would be epic
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for those needing a hockey fix, there'll be some college hockey on NBC this weekend. I will be watching and likely commenting on here since the NHL just isn't happening right now.
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ready for some college hockey, this is exciting. a double header to boot.
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This fucking sucks...if the NHL is trying to build a fan base, as they keep mentioning by expanding South, they keep taking two steps backwards for every step forward with this shit...if I'm this disgusted, imagine how apathetic the casual American (their target) sports fan feels...especially with all the NHL and NBA hype...
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The NHL seems to be particularly brilliant at shooting themselves in the foot. It is pretty pathetic. Miss my hawks.
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The players and the league better come up with something this Tuesday. The clock is ticking.
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League commissioner Gary Bettman says the long-term proposal splits revenues with players 50-50 across the board and takes steps to guarantee the players won't see a rollback of existing deals.




if they shoot this down, blood will be shed. take a week, hammer out the details, but take 50/50 with no rollbacks and RUN.
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Just when I was getting the most pessimistic about this season...we now have a chance at a real deal. Plenty of blame on both sides and I found the League side a bit obnoxious especially when the players did seem to want to talk and waiting until August to put forward the first real position was idiotic. That said the players need to put some perspective on things as they have it damn good overall.

I hate Bettman, think he does not truly respect the game and is too stubborn keeping teams in hopeless markets - but right now if the NHLPA rejects this they will get slaughtered in the court of public opinion. And being more unpopular than Bettman takes real work.
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This is so fucking brilliant on the NHL's part.

First, premise your offer on the notion that you want to preserve an 82 game season. On the one hand it looks like you actually care about there being hockey, and on the other hand you basically tie the players' hands on getting this worked out in the next couple of days because otherwise there's no way you'll get that Nov 2 start date (need a week of training camp).

Second, set the 50/50 revenue mark and create a bunch of low-hanging fruit (contract term limits, 8 year UFA delay, 4 year ELC's, 6 year CBA term, 200mm revenue sharing) that the PA can haggle about and you can live with compromise on - essentially, set yourself up to say "yes" to a version of your own proposal.

I'm pretty optimistic about all of this. Though, Rangers fans beware - NHLers buried in the AHL will count against the cap now. Oh hai Wade Redden.
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Sign the damn deal!
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Seriously, sign this deal.

Even though my Habs are going to suck tremendously this year, I still want to see them play.
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