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Digital watches

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I would like a cheap quartz watch for holiday purposes. I've decided that quartz watches shouldn't be analog: the system with the rotating hands etc. was created in connection with the rotating dented wheels of mechanical movements, and so it seems incoherent or 'fake' to have that system with a quartz movement. So, any suggestions for digital watches or any other quartz watches with different ways of representing the time? Thanks in advance.

Edit - for example:
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There is only one digital watch.

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A bit too retro/hipster. Also, the classic Casio for me is the Al Qaeda model:
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How about this -- too gimmicky?

Also, rubber is not very comfortable in summer. Would prefer steel.
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The watch Spoo said, or if you're less geeky, a simpler Casio


Comes in a faux-steel version too!

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Originally Posted by jt10000 View Post

The watch Spoo said, or if you're less geeky, a simpler Casio

Comes in a faux-steel version too!

That's the Al Qaeda model. Nice but too commmon in Shoreditch/Dalston.
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Originally Posted by radicaldog View Post

That's the Al Qaeda model. Nice but too commmon in Shoreditch/Dalston.


And Guantanamo.

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Shock resistant
Low-temperature resistant.
10,000 m Altimeter
Barometer (260/1100)
Thermometer (-10°C / +60°C)
World time function
Stopwatch function - 1/100 sec. - 24 hours
Timer - 1/1 min. - 24 hours
5 daily alarms
Automatic calendar
12/24-hour timekeeping
Mineral glass
Resin case
Resin band
Water resistance classification (20 bar)
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Too busy.
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Omega X33
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Buying into your argument I suspect this would be the one to get. It's the most advanced digital watch display combined with radio time correction. Either this or an iPod nano on a bracelet or strap of some kind. 


That said I don't agree with your argument. There are any number of reasons to go with an analog watch over digital even for a battery operated watch. The format is hardly obsolete. Analog watches, once you learn how to read them, provide better readability in more lighting conditions, and allow the user to immediately know specific time in relation to the hour. This can be important when you're in a hurry to make a date someplace. You not only immediately know the current time, but how many minutes until your target time. Similarly, you immediately know how much time has elapsed since a given target time. An analog display can also be used in place of a compass to determine direction of travel. 


Barring stylistic concerns, this is probably the best wristwatch ever made: the Seiko SBCM023 Prospex Perpetual Calendar Diver.


Seiko SBCM023.jpeg


Unfortunately it has been discontinued. It was available for under $600, has a strong scratch resistant case and bracelet, one of the most accurate quartz movements ever made, a perpetual calendar function, so no resetting the date for short months, incredibly legible display, and a snag-free form factor on the larger end of mid-size so it baseline goes with everything. The problem of course is that it has boring styling, and none of the sex appeal of various high-end watches. Nevertheless if I were forced to sell all but one of my watches, this would be the keeper. 


Digital watches are for people who have no sense of time, generally. 

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I'm using a Polar watch/heart monitor (model rs300x) since I hit the gym everyday and I don't feel like carrying two watches.
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Thanks for all the suggestions.

Hayward's argument for analog faces with quartz movements is quite powerful, but somehow I really don't like seeing the hands moving around in that way. Must be a matter of habit.

Dieter Rams's old DW30 really appeals -- now to see if I can find one. For now it's between that and the black/bracelet version of the one in the original post. Ventura also has some great models, but they're too expensive for carefree holiday watch (for me, that is).

Any more for any more?
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