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Two Summer Weddings

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I have two weddings this summer, one in late July, the other in late August. One is outside afternoon wedding in Colorado in the mountains, reception at a historic hotel in town. The other is in upstate NY, in a barn.

I have a navy suit, but that's too formal. I could just sport slacks, dress shirt and tie, but I'd rather find something a bit more interesting.

Any advice on what I should be looking into?

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I'd be thinking about an odd jacket and trou, in cotton or linen.

Perhaps some great medium brown shell cordovan shoes - derbies of some sort or even a single monk. Sturdy shoes seem appropriate for outdoors and barns and shell is both sturdy and elegant.
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I have AE Strand in Walnut, I was thinking that would be a fine choice.
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Yep - that will do just fine for both weddings. Good color and not too formal.

DAMN you just talked yourself out of a new pair of shoes!

Now to settle in on the rest.
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Invest in a linen or beige suit
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Can anyone suggest some online retails who have good selection of casual jackets in smaller sizes (36s).

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howard yount might have a few in your size

Suit supply if you are on a budget
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Spoo has an Isaia on the block that is pretty great - although perhaps a bit flashy for a wedding.


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