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bumble & bumble sumo wax works really well for me, and I like my hair to be "chunky"
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what is chunky hair? pics please?
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I find something new everyday haha. By J's description I myself have chunky hair. I was in the hospital for about 3 months. Lost about half my hair, started using some Grund revitalize shampoo and now I believe my hair is thicker than before I ever lost any.
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Yea, i'd like to see some pics of this. I have pretty thick, wavy, almost curly hair at times. Sometimes it acts kind of chunky but i'm not sure if it's in the same way as what others are describing.
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I found a couple pics from a couple years back, they may not be the best examples but this is what I was describing. If I don't cut it and style it the way I do, I have puffy Ben Affleck hair instead. As it is, the hair separates out into sections that hang together instead of being one big puffy mass like when a crappy mall stylist would do it. My hair is still pretty similar to this though I manage the sides a little differently lately. I wish I could find a better style but this is really the only thing that seems to work for my hair.

If my hair weren't so thick the effect would be a little more obvious I think, since there's not much room between the "chunks". This is sort of what I go for:

James Dean on one of his less clean looking days, since that's kind of what I look like through extreme beer goggles.

This is what it would look like with a "too clean" mall cut and I'm trying to avoid:


Here's another example of "chunky" hair (as I'm using it):

Though he verges into dangerous Fauxhican territory in that movie.

I hope this helps since this thread is the #1 google hit for "chunky hair".
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Can i get a picture? Just curious b/c I'm not sure what look you are thinking of.
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Now every on try to use different types of hair style , it will be better for you to Analise some style and choose best suitable.
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