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Chunky hair

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I've seen "chunky" hair around campus, and I like the casual look it can have. I have thick, slightly wavy hair (when it's longer) and I'm getting frustrated in my attempts to recreate this look for myself. Any suggestions for techniques or products to help? Should I just grow it out and brush it back? Thanks
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I have no clue what you mean by "chunky"? you mean layered, or cut at different lenghts around the head?
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I know the look your going for. As it turns out, people's hair is that way just naturally, but there are a few things you can do to get that look. First you can relax your hair by using chemical treatment to get the waves out. Use the relaxer found in the black people's hair product section of any drug store (its cheaper that way, like $6). To get the chunky look use some pomade or some styling paste and clump the hair together.
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Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try that.
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To follow up on that last reply, and for what it's worth, I've found that one of the best products to make hair do what you want is also one of the cheapest (a few bucks).  You may remember GQ magazine did a piece on it several months back.  It's called Murray's, it comes in a distinctive orange tin, it's found in the black hair care section of the drugstore, and it's potent shit.  You can easily get that "chunky" look you want, or any other look for that matter.  Just heat it first with hot water or a hair dryer to make it easier to apply.  Its' biggest drawback is that its tough to wash out, but it sort of goes away by itself in a few days.
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Yeah, the Murry's heavy pomade is the shit, the light pomade is just normal. Heres a tip for washing it out. Before you go in the shower apply shampoo to DRY hair and work it in, then wash it out in the shower and shampoo once again while your hair is wet. Otherwise, Black and White makes a strong shampoo specifically for washing out wax.
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I have naturally "chunky" hair, meaning it is wavy and extremely thick. However, when I have it cut by anyone but me, it comes out looking like a ball of solid hair. I have figured out how to do it so the natural chunks stay together. Here's what I do. #1 and most important: don't wash your hair first. In fact you might let it go a couple of days with just rinsing to allow it to stick together how it naturally will. I do this. Wash after, of course. #2. while dry, clipper whatever parts you need to cut with clippers. Sides and back, or nothing if you don't want them short. #3. get in the shower and start cutting a bit at a time until it looks right. I know that's sort of vague, but it's impossible to describe a technique to it. Pull up a bit between two fingers, and cut it in a few snips. This keeps each chunk together by being cut the same length. Continue cutting until it almost looks right, but stop before you think you should. You can always come back to it tomorrow. The point of this is a messy look, so the tiny unevennesses (my new invented word) in the cutting will help it to stay in groups by length. #4. maintain it rather than letting it go too far. I just cut a bit every week or so in the shower (cut tiny pieces at a time so you don't clog it up) and it stays looking good. Good luck, and if you are going to try this and have never done it before, you might want to invest in a stylish hat.
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That takes balls, J ;p I'm scared to go to a cheap hair dresser let alone do it myself. I've got wavy hair and unless i go to an expensive place, which after several bad haircuts i've learned to do on a regular basis now, it gets screwed up every time and i have to grow a fro before getting it cut properly again. How do you see what you're doing in the shower btw? And i still haven't the slightest idea of what you guys mean by "chunky hair"
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What I mean by it is hair that naturally separates out into sections ("chunks") of hair instead of each strand being separate and apart from the surrounding ones, or stuck together with all the other ones.
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Excellent description J
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Speaking of pomades, I use Crew's pomade and I love the versatility it gives me. Plus it washes out easily and it's not too greasy. Crew also makes this stuff called Fiber, which is much thicker, so depending on which one would suit you probably depends on your hair texture. A can only runs about $15 and lasts between 1-2 months. This is assuming I know the chunky look you're speaking of.
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I snagged myself some pomade the other day and tried it. I took at little and put it in my hair, then just took my hand and rubbed it over my head a couple of times. That did a good job of clumping the hair together. Just the technique I've tried that's worked for me.
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I heard this stuff is good. Specifically says its for the chunky look, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
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I've found the wax stick by Bed Head to be extremely useful, it can basically be used to achieve whatever look you want and its not that expensive runs around $30 CDN.
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I've found that Wax Works from Paul Mitchell works really well to achieve that chunky look
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