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For Sale: ****SOLD****

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Edited by Slickman - 4/10/13 at 3:34pm
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Oh God, I wish you were a 44.

Thank God, you're not a 44.
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someone buy his norwegers. gorgeous
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Thank goodness not a 45.nod[1].gif
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Imagine seeing them everyday and not being able to wear them, what torture, you have no idea
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my wallet thanks you that you are the wrong size!

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I wish they were the right size for me, then all of this could be avoided
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These are an absolute steal at this point, and very nicely appointed. Someone buy these.
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I think I'll wear mine tomorrow

Amazing pair
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I hope to understand the hype since it appears I may fit this HAHA.
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