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Two very good friends of mine are getting married in the next couple of week, so I decided to give them a nice little present, I called them Ramalhoni Shoes Wedding Edition – because they are to be worn at their wedding, you guessed right.

They are a part of my Made to Measure Label, and couldn’t look any better! The Design is a Captoe Toe Oxford, beautifully proportionate, made is Black Box Leather to their specific measures with a pristine finish.

Since a Gentlemen’s Wedding day is very very important event I decided to have a special logo and the Groom’s name printed on the sole, this is done using a special perfusion technique (much like a tattoo, it will never come off) adding to the exclusivity of the shoe.

Like all my Made to Measure collection the Shoes are Goodyear welted, full leather upper, sole and insole, cork felling and steel insert in the sole. 100% Hand Made and finished, a true “Work of Art”.

If you’re getting married and need a pair email me at, I’ll take your measures and have a Special Order pair made for You. Pricing is 499€ or 649$ USD. Worldwide Shipping by Fed Ex included.