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help me find a sub 6k car for momma dukes

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in los angeles. help is much appreciated smile.gif
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ive been looking on craigslist, but thanks for the smartass remark.
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a low quality question yields low quality answers.

get a honda civic for that price range. those things are indestructible.
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my question really is what type of used cars will be a good value for the money that i am offering (6k)

good buys/ bad buys etc
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Honda Civic if you need a car with four seats... Mazda Miata for a sports car. Ford Ranger if you need a pickup.
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I have an 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee. It cost about 10k CDN. Do not buy one.

My old (04) Buick was terrific. I drove it from 04 to 2011 and I only got rid of it because somebody totaled it while I was parked. I got off work, went to my car and saw it was totally smashed up. Luckily they left a note. Actually, they left a number of their grandfather. We phoned him up, explained what had happened and he said, "Tell me, was it a beater car?". It was worth substantially more than the 2.6k I got in the settlement, but in perfect shape, it would have been 6k.

2000 was another good year. Unfortunately, until I got my 02 Jeep, I had never had a used car, so I can't really comment, except saying that Buicks ride well. My cousin has an older one and he drags it through all sorts of stuff.

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Get her a ~2002 SAAB 93 Convertible with service history. She will love you.
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im thinking about getting her a 04 saturn ion with 100k and service records for $4100

how does that sound?
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I drove an 04 Saturn for a few years. It's a decent car if she's small (I'm 6'4" so it was a bit of an inconvience.). Get the 4-door not the suicide doors so you can actually fit 4 passengers in.

After a few years (I bought it brand new) it just started having problems. Batteries, brakes, starter. If these things have been dealt with, it's a good choice.

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