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In a couple of instances when I have had this done - the lowering of a collar - it removed the roll, but ultimately resulted in what many call the "collar gap". The lowering of the collar has now caused it to sit lower on my neck/shoulders and thus creates that unwanted gap between my neck / shirt collar and the jacket collar. This can temporarily be alleviated up if I pull down on the front quarters of the jacket to re-position it flush against the neck. But after any movement, the jacket falls back off the neck due to my erect posture, I think. Any thoughts on correcting this collar gap issue?

this sounds like the collar was pulled down too far .
if the roll was eliminated and the shoulders are fine ,then do this.
the collar is loosened from where it is fastened to the neck hole.
but not near the lapels. the collar now can be positioned in the
at the right level. the tailor can mark that position and sew it in place.