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Online shopping

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some of you will remember that i asked for advice recently on where to buy ties online. i mentioned at the end that i had ordered a tie from the thomas pink website and i would let everyone know what i thought. i recieved it yesterday and here are my thoughts. let me first say that thomas pink sent the tie all the way from england even though they have a store in san francisco 300 miles away from me. i think it very inefficient, especially considering i paid $20 shipping and will probably recieve an additional bill of about $15 for customs. the tie itself is nice, and i do like it, although it doesn't look the way i had expected. it is much shinier in person, when what i was after was the matte look shown on the website. still, i like it and i'll wear it happily. as for the quality, it seems no different than my other ties, which are all in the $60-$70 range. the material is much nicer than the $20 tie i recently got at nordstrom rack. in short, it's a good tie but nothing special. i could have picked up something similar at brooks brothers for under $60. my favorite is a light lavender labelled "mark pendleton for nordstrom". overall the experience left me seriously doubting i will ever buy a tie over the internet again. it's just too difficult to gauge what the thing will actually look like when you recieve it.
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The same thing often happens - surely where u live u could've gone and checked out the fabric and construction of a Thomas Pink tie? I've said this many times: If u r buying off the internet and eBay PLEASE DO ALL YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST.
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i live in los angeles and the closest thomas pink store is in san francisco. if i could go to a store to check out the tie in person, i might as well had bought the tie in person. i've never bought anything on ebay and this is one of the reasons why.
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