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Any thoughts on this Japanese brand? Wanted a linen blazer and stopped by Barneys. SA recommended these to me and fit was pretty good. Kind of tempted at the time but they still had decent stock so waiting for next drop. Anybody have anything by them that can comment?
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I'm also wondering about this line...?

Stevent - Which Barney's did you go to? Wilshire?
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I've seen, but haven't examined, their sport coats. I've handled their ties, sweaters, and trousers, however. Quality seems pretty good and the styling is what it is. It's targeted towards the slightly younger, more affluent guy who likes to wear classic, tailored clothing in a fashion-forward way. Basically a lot of the younger (pre-40s) Japanese men you see shopping in the States and abroad. Whether that's to your taste is subjective, obviously.

They're in the SF Barney's at the moment, and I assume other locations as well.
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I handled a DB shawl collar boucle winter coat at Barneys. Was SIIIIIICK.
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United arrows
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excited to see it in person.
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Men's shoulders don't normally do it for me but lookin' at these I think I got a little wet....

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Originally Posted by BernieStevens View Post

I'm also wondering about this line...?
Stevent - Which Barney's did you go to? Wilshire?

Saw in Rodeo drive one, really want to get one as it was pretty good fit and design for me, just wanted to hear some opinions on quality first. The United arrows stuff is usually pretty nice and these are made by them as well
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For those looking to find it in the US... we just dropped our first season of Camoshita on the site

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I just can't believe there is no a proper official website for Camoshita

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