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Last Minute Blazer Purchase

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Im in a rush I need a blazer the end of this week for a gathering at the law firm i just started working for. I had an old JAB blazer but I have somehow managed to misplace it. I looked around (briefly) and have seen two different options that look attractive. Any thoughts from the experts (you) on which blazer i should purchase. Suggestions and alternatives are most welcome. However, I am looking for a classicly styled navy blazer.

Hickey Freeman via STP:

Or Anderson Little:


Thanks for the much needed input. Cheers.
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anderson little is a blend

HF is a different world in terms of quality.

Also look at Brooks Brothers, they have a good navy blazer for about $420 on sale.
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I've been hearing a lot of positive feedback here regarding Suitsupply.com. No experience myself but website appears to be worth checking out.
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