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Originally Posted by LARon
Really like the Van Gogh museum; that guy was a stud!! He's definitely one of my favorite artists, along with Lautrec, Sargeant, Monet, Manet, David, Delacroix, Degas, Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Great stuff. That alone, along with the Rijks museum, was worth the trip.

was the german experssionism show still going on at the VG? that was a great show, although the design of the exhibit was terrible, in my opinion.

glad that holland is working out a little better for you.
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Originally Posted by globetrotter
was the german experssionism show still going on at the VG? that was a great show, although the design of the exhibit was terrible, in my opinion.

glad that holland is working out a little better for you.

Yes, the Expressionism exhibit is still on. I actually like the layout; at least how they've juxtaposed the VG pieces that inspired the young Germans. Shows the thread, I like that.

(Its not that Holland hasn't been working for me the past two days; it just hasn't filled me with awe, like some places. It definitely has many wonderful and interesting things, just not attractive well dressed people. By the way, do you know why they converted the Anne Frank house into a modern building? I didn't make it in -- where I'm sure they explain that --'cause the line was just too long and the weather not conducive to standing around.)
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Originally Posted by LARon
(Its not that Holland hasn't been working for me the past two days; it just hasn't filled me with awe, like some places.

yeah, I know what you mean. I like amsterdam because it isnt' awe inspiring, to a large extent. it is comfortable and just a little bit exotic.

I find the people to be realitvly stylish - understated adn a little conformist, but to my taste. I remember the first time I came seeing young couples, him in a suit and trench, her in a dress and trench, ridding on one bike. I found that very cool.

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Amsterdam is probably the epicenter for modern design nowadays. If you missed Droog and the Frozen Fountain you missed out.
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Originally Posted by iammatt
Amsterdam is probably the epicenter for modern design nowadays. If you missed Droog and the Frozen Fountain you missed out.

I missed out. Not really into modern design anyway, so no biggy.
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Went to my first Dutch milonga (tango salon) last night. It was not too far from the zoo. Unlike Buenos Aires, where they dance 'til 5 a.m., or the USA where most milongas last 'til at least 2 a.m., this one ran from 10:30 'til 1 a.m. I arrived around 11, after enjoying a great steak dinner at an Arentine restaurant (to get me in the mood).

I spent the first 30 or so minutes checking out the room, watching to see how folks dance (i.e., style, skill level, who are the better dancers, etc.). Eventually, one of the two hostesses approached and asked me to dance (though common in the US, as a way to welcome new faces into the fold, this would never happen in BsAs). We danced three tangos before moving on.

I eventually danced with four of the five best (women) dancers, the fifth being the other co-hostess, who seemed otherwise engaged most of the night. Eventually, the first co-hostess came in search of another round, and I happily obliged. She told me others were asking if I was from BsAs, because of my dance style. (Puff, puff; I get that all the time )

I left around 12:50, only to find that the trams had stopped running, and my hotel was on the opposite end of town. I began drifting towards my destination and, being still full of enegry and curious about Amsterdam's weekend night life, I passed through one neighborhood after another until, about an hour later, I arrived back at my hotel, pretty exhausted.

I'm now at the airport, destination: Prague.
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While passing through airport security I snagged a 6 month old Kiton tie on a jagged piece of thumb skin. A perforated double-track white snag immediately ran across the face of the tie. Drats!

Meanwhile, one footwear trend I have noticed is that the more "stylish" men here (Amsterdam) prefer the narrow long-toe look; think cowboy boots, sans boot. Haven't noticed any particular trends among the women, except nails -- which, to my mind -- don't really count.
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I've been in Prague less than 2 hours and I'm already impressed; very much so. First, from the moment we stepped aboard the Czech air plane, they seemed very neat and organized -- two ingredients of elegance.

That impression lasted through arrival at an equally neat and well designed airport and carried through my ride into the city and arrival at the GT recommended Hotel Josef. Good call, my friend!

The hotel is very new, clean and very much in the Ian Shrager/W design. The hotel staff is young and very warm, and my room is good (even if a little high on design for a 45 year old).

From the ride in I could tell that Prague is as beautiful as I've heard. I don't know where they get their design influences (i.e., whether from the French, the Austrians or locals), but they've got wonderful architecture.

The sun has now set, but I'm eager to see more. For now, its off into the night. (I think I like this place. It feels like it has style.)
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One of the things I enjoy most about traveling is the ability to enjoy a good Cuban cigar. I'm sitting here in the fashionable lounge of Hotel Josef enjoying an 18 year old single malt scotch along with a Havana made Montecristo torpedo that was a gift from the bar tender of the Golden Apollo in Amsterdam who twice served me tea while I enjoyed a couple of Havana Cohiba robustos. Perfecly sublime!

Adding to the moment, it appears that many of my fellow guests are equally devoted to style (though one woman appears to object to my cigar smoke; s'OK, I was here first!).

In case I hadn't mentioned, I'm wearing a tobacco and tan houndstooth cashmere sportcoat (Borrelli), mint green and black stripe shirt w/white collar and cuffs (Kiton), tan tie w/green and white diamonds (Kiton), olive-brown flannel trousers (Zanella) and tobacco suede cap toe medallion shoes (Paul Stuart). I think I'm representin' SF (and the USA) quite well.

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Fellas, if you've not yet been to Prague you owe it to yourself (or your wife). This place is spectacular, and its still my first day! I'm sitting on a rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Prince with a panoramic view of the absolutely gorgeous architecture. I don't know why the Czechs have never been a major world power (other than in hockey), what with how masterful they've been in engineering and design. Can anyone offer an explanation about this?

To my understanding they've always been dominated by the Germans, Hungarians and Russians. But, they are clearly a thoughtful and emotional prople (at least that's what I glean from what I see): kind of like the Italians or French. Why haven't they been equally as successful?

Between the churches and the castles, they've really got something goin on here, architectujally speaking. I feel like one of the barbarians must have felt upon arriving in Rome.
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With respect to all and offense to none -- of all the places I've been in the world, only Paris exceeds the beauty of Prague.

With all due respect to my friends in London, New York, San Francisco, Montreal, Buenos Aires, Rio, Florence, Rome, Venice and Amsterdam, Prague is just a step ahead.

Funny thing is, they love McDonalds, KFC and Subway. While not the best ambassadors of American culture, as an American and a capitalist, at least they're bringing home the bacon and (along with Coke) extending the brand, and for that I say: more power to 'em!
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This log is disguisting for women, and men also.
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You never know with those fast ladies across the pond, I'll tell ya.
Years ago a friend of a friend of a friend - while whoring in Paris - picks up this Brazilian bombshell " Lola " who turns out to pack a 3-piece set
You should've followed his facial expressions as he was relaying the story
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(In light of a number of comments posted on another thread, including two that were rather wise, this post has been censored. Suffice it to say that Odessa has recently become more than a passing curiosity.)

Weather in Prague has not been nearly so bad as I had feared. In fact, it feels like a chilly December day in Chicago, but somewhat humid.

Yesterday, when I wasn't otherwise indisposed, I ventured over to Charles Bridge and Wenceslas square, a kind of Czech Champs Elysee and site of 1989's Velvet Revolution, led by Vlacev Havel, that threw off the yoke of Communism.

First, Charles Bridge links the Old and New quadrants of Prague with Prague castle -- a true-to-life gothic beauty that cries out for a Vlad type character, complete with impaled heads, wolves, bats and all the rest.
From the bridge, the view in all directions is medieval (bringing to mind Ving Rhames great line from Pulp Fiction: "First, I'm gonna call a few of my homies from around the a way and tell them to bring a blow torch and some plyers, than we gonna get medieval on this motherfucker").

The images are so hauntingly beautiful that I can't remember the last time I snapped so many photos (probably 20, on just the first full day; contrast that with the 7 taken during 3 full days in Amsterdam, which is more my pace.)

Wenceslas Square also deserves mention, as the many different architectural styles make it really special. I especially like the National Museum at the top of the boulevard and the opera house, but also the Grand Hotel Europa and several other nearby buildings.

I've always liked how the Europeans, especially the French, Italians, Russians, and now the Czechs, are not afraid to cover their buildings in vibrant colors, like pinks, and salmon/tangerine, maize/yellow tones and avocado and other pastel greens. Really gives a look of life and energy. Wish we saw more of it at home (didn't notice much of this in London or Amsterdam).

The Hotel Paris really looks like a fabulous place to hang out; maybe next trip.
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