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I will be in Munich for a few days in late August. I'd appreciate suggestions re dining and shopping. I will probably spend most of my time in the art museums.
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I was going to say - just spend your time in the art museums, but it looks like you have that covered.

all political stuff aside, have a meal at the hof brue hous, it is fascinating. I used to spend a lot of time in munich, and there was a fantastic sausage place in the train station, but the way these things work, it probably isn't there any more. if I were going for 3 days to munich, I probably wouldn't eat anyplace but a beer hall or a sausage stand, there are enough of them.

also, there is the (and this will be spelled incorrectly) viktuals mrkt. that is a great food market, and you can get bread and cold cuts and cheeses and so on, and have a picnick.

there is an area that basically is around the historic center, coming from the train station that has both a lot of high end stores and also soem traditional clothing stores. I am sure that I remember a store that has vass shoes, but I may be wrong. the loden coats and hats are a great value, but nothing is really cheap. I am guessing that you aren't looking for lederhosen.

enjoy yourself, I love the art museums in munich.
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+1 to the sausage stands. Get as much Weisswurst as you can. Also lots of pretzels. I could subsist entirely on pretzels and weisswurst. Ok maybe not because WW is only available in AM.
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Go walk around and eat at the Viktualienmarkt.

Go eat and drink at Augustiner - the oldest brewery in Munich and to me the best as well.

Walk around a few hours in the Hunting and Fishing Museum. Lots of cool hunting spikes/spears, crossbows, and rifles in there.

Shop at Eduard Meier, which has beautiful Bavarian clothing as well as more wearable clothing as well.
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not sure if srs.
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Originally Posted by philosophe View Post

I will be in Munich for a few days in late August. I'd appreciate suggestions re dining and shopping. I will probably spend most of my time in the art museums.
I'll be there the beginning of September, so this thread is timely, though I was there a couple years ago.
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Shopping = maximillian strasse. It's a 1km ribbon of high end shops.

I'm going to vote for dining at Spatenhaus
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I assume this comes just a few days too late, but maybe it is of use in the future:


Maximilianstrasse, Residenzstrasse, Theatinerstrasse, Brienner Strasse are visually very appealing streets where you will find some art galleries and most high-end stores. This includes the usual international labels, but also a few local stores including
  • Ed Meier (make sure you go to the store at Brienner where they sell now their own clothing and shoe lines. You find a selection of EGs, C&J and a few other nice brands in the adjacent store called James Dowie, which is owned by Ed Meier. The store in Residenzstrasse now serves as outlet.
  • Max Dietl (selection of Brioni, Kiton and Attolini)
  • Lodenfrey (upscale department store with nice selection of Italian suit makers as well as quality traditional Bavarian clothing)

There is a Kiton store a bit off the main shopping area at Oskar-von-Miller-Ring 1. If you like Canali and Caruso it is also worth checking out Hirmer at Kaufinger Str. 28 or Eckerle at Theatinerstraße 3. They have nice selections and prices should be much better than in the US as long as you ensure you get a VAT refund when flying out of the EU.

For food shopping, it is worth strolling through Viktualienmarkt, the adjecent Schrannenhallen, Dallmayr at Dienerstr. 14-15, Feinkost Käfer at Prinzregentenstraße 73 or Whisk(e)y Shop tara at Rindermarkt 16 for getting a bottle of Bavarian Single Malt (I am not kidding).


Hofbraeuhaus is a must-see, but it is certainly not the best place for Bavarian food. Much better are the Ayinger restaurant just across from the Hofbraeuhaus, Spatenhaus at ‪Residenzstr. 12‬, Augustinerkeller at Arnulfstrasse 52‬. If you wanna have Bavarian food in a more youthful environment I recommend Kaisergarten at ‪Kaiserstr. 34‬ in Schwabing.

Munich also has plenty of international fare including Italian, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Pakistani, Ethiopian, etc.

The best you can do if the weather is nice: Sit in one of the many street cafes (especially at pretty locations like Odeonsplatz) order an "Aperol Spritz" or a "Hugo" and enjoy.


The three Pinakotheken and Museum Brandhorst are must-sees. Also, a tour through the Residenz and its treasury with the Bavarian crown jewels is nice. Note: Munich has three world class orchestras and a great opera, but August is unfortunately off-season.


Enjoy the districts off the tourist tracks, e.g. Haidhausen, Nymphenburg, Isarvorstadt and of course Schwabing. There are nice smaller shops, cafes, restaurants and some architectural little gems.

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^^^^Perfect timing - I'm at the airport headed to Munich in a few hours. Just the info I need, thanks.
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Originally Posted by eqpablon View Post

Shopping = maximillian strasse. It's a 1km ribbon of high end shops.
I'm going to vote for dining at Spatenhaus

Been a few years since I visited Munich but the spatenhaus is great.

Germany has very decent Turkish food. One of my all time favority donner kebab places is in Dresden. Even the typical donner stands in Germany are very acceptable.

The English Garden is a delight as long as the weather cooperates.

Last time, Munich had a pretty good rental bicycle program. Great city for bikes. Can also rent bicycles at the main train station (like most german cities).

Some of the student activities (cobbled street orthogonal to Maximillian) are amusing.

The restaurants with outdoor seating (nicer ones) typically have very professional and unrushed service. I enjoyed being forced to slow down and relax.

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Anyone have any updated cool spots to check out?


Also, where can one buy GATs in Munich?

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This is a must in summer: 


>> The English Garden is a delight as long as the weather cooperates.


Also check out the Olympiapark, which has the (still) impressive olympic stadion =>


In the Olympiapark there is the radio tower, if you like to see Munich from a bird's perspective, check it out.


If you're there and at least somewhat into cars, visit the BMW world. Even if you're not into cars, the architecture alone is quite impressive =>


Vis a vis the town hall there is the "Café Glockenspiel", which/must can be accessed by an elevator. It's a nice, slightly upscale Café/Restaurant with good food.


For shopping, most has been said already. On Theatinerstraße I'd like to point out the "Fünf Höhe" shopping quarter, where you will find some nice shops, among them "Boggi Milano" which is often referred to as the Italian Brooks Brothers here. =>

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At this time of the year I would also consider taking the S-Bahn out to Lake Starnberg: Cycle around the lake, go swimming or visit a beer garden and enjoy the view of the Alps beyond the lake.....or head to Lake Ammer and go on a (beer)-pilgrimage to the Andechs monastry.

You may also wanna check out the Tollwood festival in the Olympic Park
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