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Crockett & Jones Pricing in London

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Hi guys,


I am headed to London next week and plan to go shoe shopping.  I will probably visit Jermyn Street and check out Lobb, Church's and C&J.  Unless there is a sale at Lobb I will probably get a pair at C&J, but wanted to get a sense of what type of pricing I could expect.  Is there any where else I could expect to get better pricing?  Also how would it compare to the pricing in NYC?



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Haven't been to Jermyn St (yet) but check out at least these sites.  They're all priced in UK pounds (with and without VAT) so I'm guessing they might reflect similar prices you'd find on Jermyn St.  But you might wait for someone who's been to Jermyn St to comment.  But these sites are mouthwatering to look at.


Google 'pediwear' and 'herringshoes'.  Good luck.  Wish I were going to Jermyn St!

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You'll turn up in the middle of the summer sales, when most of those shops will have a limited selection at 15-30% off full retail.

Full retail on most C&J and Church is around GBP 300-400. Lobbs I think circa 700.
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I'm pretty sure C&J and probably the others you mention are also part of the tax free shopping scheme that allows visitors from non EU countries to reclaim the VAT at the airport when you leave. So that's an extra 20% off the marked prices. Ask about it if you buy anything.
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Originally Posted by nepats81 View Post

Hi guys,
  Is there any where else I could expect to get better pricing?

The outlets in Northampton, but that appears to be hit or miss.
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thanks guys...this is very helpful.  I'll post pictures of my purchases when I get back!  I checked out pediwear and now I'm already starting to talk myself into getting 2 pairs...hahaha

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Walked past C and J today and glanced in. Prices shown in the window were typically 310-340 down from around 450 (I had forgotten how expensive their full retail now is - did they recently hike the prices?). Church are offering 15-30% off selected items.

EGs are 450 down from 650, and the EG and C and J made RTW shoes in Fosters are broadly similarly priced to shoes in the makers' respective sales.
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