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can New Balance runners and jeans look good?? - Page 2

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There are some tubby women my mom's age at the office who wear NB a lot, so I will never view NB as anything but functional.
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Originally Posted by GoldenTribe View Post

Okay, from an anthropological standpoint you just want to fit in with the crowd. The key to most of those looks is that the shoes are a bright, solid colour. GQ likes to say "a 'pop' of colour" every five seconds because that is about as agreeable as it can be made to sound to the fashion-inclined heterosexual male of the here and now.
The shoes you linked to are not colourful. They are black and grey, and uglier than any of the ones in the photos you linked to. They won't make you look like those people. You want something in an obnoxious red/orange/yellow if you can pull it off, or a distinctive but not eye-searing shade of green/blue/purple otherwise. (The specific colour will depend on what else you wear.)
The plainer the actual shoe design, the better, as it's the colour you are really interested in -- which is why I think you should scotch the whole New Balance approach and just get a colourful shoe to achieve the same effect without becoming a walking billboard for a low-end, nerd-friendly brand whose enormous, artless logo should be a source of embarrassment and not pride.
(FYI, plenty of other "senior members" here like, or at least wear, NBs. But they look just as awful on them. smile.gif )
Sorry, you are in the wrong forum. Mens Clothing is the other side of the tracks. On this forum, people actually understand street wear and style trends that have been around a looooong time(New Balance) and worn with not only jeans, but shorts and all manner of bottoms. 
I think you would probably be better suited speaking on a subject that doesn't bring up your inner geezer quite like this one did.
Perhaps you can find one discussing the latest Brooks Brothers ties collection or something along those lines, where you can talk all about GQ and how those "obnoxious" colors really "pop" etc......
Then maybe you will find people who are more interested in fancy logos on their shoes, as to not promote a plain, lifeless logo such as the NB "N".
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lol is this moron mad? Your shoes are ugly. Get over it.
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Originally Posted by rusty35 View Post

Hey people, need some advice..

lately new balance shoes are actually fashionable to wear with jeans 
like this

but the NB shoes i want to buy are a little bit more bulky (i want ones with more support because I have weak arches which roll in heaps on unsupportive shoes even though i wear orthotics)

These are the shoes I want to buy.... do you think I can pull off the same look as the guys in the above link???,default,pd.html

Thanks in advance!!  smile.gif

PS i have already seen this article
so please dont just send me to it

THe NB that you want to buy are ugly...They are for running only..
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rofl this guy. I do like my NBs though, don't tell anyone foo.gif
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June 25 (legs).JPGJune 25 (feet).JPG


i recently started wearing my jeans with these new balances because i wear them to bike to and from the gym.  doesnt seem too bad to me and its just for functional wear anyways, not really a jeans and runners person normally.

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If you want to wear jeans with new balance there is nothing wrong with that...hippies do it all the time. biggrin.gif
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^ seriously, I wouldn't ride a bike wearing jeans.
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Lol gotta fade my jeans and get the everyday wear in. Well aware of crotch blowouts though
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I just think of Steve Carell now!
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Mossman. Those shoes are the coolest. You're the coolest. No really inlove.gif

Please wear them every day.
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I think Steve Jobs pioneered the jeans with New Balance look. While I have the utmost respect for his product design prowess, his fashion choices I am not so sure about.

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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Mossman. Those shoes are the coolest. You're the coolest. No really inlove.gif
Please wear them every day.

What are you, twelve years old?


I don't wear the shoes in question, but I do own a couple pairs of 574's and often wear them with denim, so do thousands of other people.


Please, stop acting like kids, and stop trying to defend a complete tool.


What he said, was useless and above all else, unnecessarily snide. He asked for the response he got, and he spammed my private messages relentlessly afterwards because he was so very upset about being told so.


Is this where I keep repeating some sort of mocking insult like a child would, to finish my post?


Please, tell me.

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hahaha this illiterate tool.

Nobody "asked for" anything and you sure as hell didn't deliver whatever it was you think they got. laugh.gif

No-one is defending anyone, you're just the noob who made a complete idiot of himself misunderstanding everything in sight.

"OMG you don't like my ugly cheap sneakers? Pretentious! You're pretentious!"

waaaaaaah laugh.gif

Just shut up, wear your awful looking sneakers in the best of health, and stop posting on styleforum.

OP asked a question and got an answer (from 50 different people).


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It's nice to know I can disappear from this place for years and nothing will change.
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