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Grenson Sharp or Crockett and Jones Northcote

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I live in Portland, OR and I am looking for a stylish walking boot, something i can wear casually, to a club, or to work. I have been looking at the Grenson Sharp/Alfred (alfred is sharp in black, dunno why they changed the name) and the Crockett and Jones Northcote, and i am wondering mostly about wear quality. I know neither of these are Alden Shells, and I am not expecting these to last several decades, just wondering how long will these last, 3 years? 5? 10? and what parts of each shoe will go first? Portland is a cold and rainy climate 9 months out of the year and i am sure this will affect the wear of the boots to some extent. I am also open to suggestions of similarly styled boots within the general price range of these; 200$ is too much to go up if that is any indication of range. I am 21 years old and I am more a fan of British style than American, and I am looking for a boot in black or burgundy. Any advice that you can give would be immensely appreciated.

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I don't understand what you're trying to decide between. The Northcote retails for almost twice the price of the Sharp, and the designs aren't remotely similar. They're both good boots, but the C&J's probably better made, and in any case it's definitely way way more formal. I wouldn't call either a "casual walking boot", but if you're planning on putting them on with a pair of jeans and hitting a club (or something similarly boring), get the Sharps.

Anyway, I have the Sharps, and they're pretty good. I think getting them in black is kind of a waste, though.
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The Northcote is on the 348 last which is rather long and pointy. Definitely try this one on to see how it fits and whether you like the pointy look.
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Thanks for the help guys, I've decided to get the burgundy sharps for reason of this belt

I think they would pop it perfectly.
Also, Arethusa, what sort of clubs have you been going to?

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That belt is awful.

Also just try lurking more.
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WiseBlooded...did you get the Sharps?


How do you like them?

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Hi, I'm interested in Grenson Sharp/Alfred boots too, How do they fit? are they true the size?
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