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Gentlemen, Here is a topic that we haven't discussed on this topic (to my knowledge). For me, women with bad teeth is a total turnoff, as Patrick Bateman calls it,"a real dealbreaker". So, just like I pay attention to my face, I also pay attention to keeping my teeth look great. I am a big fan of Rembrandt products, especially their Dazzling White toothpaste and their mouthwash. I use a Mentadent toothbrush. I am looking into purchasing an electronic toothbrush, as my uncle who is a dentist says it is much better than a manual one. Do you guys use electronic toothbrushes, and which ones would you recommend?? My uncle says that Interplak use to be the best, but the past few years Interplak's quality has significantly decreased...What are your brushing habits, and what do you use??
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FS: I've been thinking of switching to a whitening toothpaste, which do you recommend? Also, do they really work, or should i use another whitening agent such as the strips?
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I think the Rembrandt Dazzling White is the best toothpaste on the market today. They have done studies at Duke Univeristy, and other universities (names I can't recall), and they basically found that Rembrandt whitens the teeth and lowers plaque as well. So I stick to Rembrandt. I would really like to get an electronic toothbrush though, maybe a Braun. Whitening strips DO work. My mom sent me some Crest Whitening Strips this spring, and although they are kind of an annoyance to wear for 1 hour for 28 straight days, you do see good results. I plan on purchasing another package next week. It is a MUCH cheaper alternative than having the dentist bleach your teeth, which although is faster, is much more expensive.
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FS,   Good point. Teeth are amajor asset in good looks. Like hair, just about everyone sees your teeth daily. I just use a regular toothbrush. My toothpaste is Crest Dual-Action Whitening. It really is very good.  Mike C,   I used the Crest White Strips, and they did considerably improve my top row of teeth. However, I didn't notice much on my bottom set. I'm thinking about getting another pack once summer is upon us, so I will have more time (not much more, but more). I wasn't bad off to begin with, but I just wanted WHITE white teeth, not creamish. So, I say go for it. Perhaps, soon, you too could have a smile like   <- this.
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Brushing habits? I use a SONICARE toothbrush. Can't imagine using just a tooth brush any more. The SONICARE forces one to bursh for at least two minutes. It leaves your mouth so clean. (Start right on the gums and move to the tip of the tooth.) Floss every chance you get. And keep a pack of "Stim-U-Dents" in your pocket. These triangular toothpicks cleans like nothing else between the teeth. Prevents plaque etc.... Made by Johnson & Johnson. These are great. Rinse with Listerine for at least one minute after every brushing. Gum disease is the Number One dental problem as we age. It can be prevented.
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I started using an electric toothbrush. My dentist recommended it because he said I brush too hard. I use the Braun Oral B toothbrush and have no complaints. I heard the best whitening toothpaste is Colgate Platinum. I just read this in some magazine article interviewing a famous cosmetic dentist here in NYC, and he was asked to name the be best OTC whitening products. He also said Mentadent was good. For quick whitening at a relatively cheap price, I'd go for BriteSmile, it takes an hour and the results are amazing and last a long time (up to 5 yrs for some people, depending on your diet.) Here they charge $600, which is cheaper than what your dentist would charge you for all those trays (mine was going to charge me $800.) I used the Crest Whitestrips, and they didn't seem to work for me. They also made my teeth sensitive.
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