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Allen Edmonds... Me being picky or is this a problem? Cracked leather, NOT creasing...

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Hello all!


I was hoping to get some advice on my recent purchase of some Allen Edmond Carlsbads. Last month, I decided to splurge a bit and went over to the Allen Edmonds outlet close to my home and picked up a nice pair of seconds. Everything was great, except after I wore them, the weave came undone on one of the shoes. Thinking this might have been a byproduct of buying seconds, I sprung for the difference and got some first quality from Wisconsin. When they arrived, they were horrible (worse than the seconds I had). The leather on the weave was curled on one shoe, and the other, they messed up the weave pattern all together. So I took those back and did the same thing, and had a new pair sent from Wisconsin again. When I got these, one shoe was fine, the other had a tear on the upper, where the tongue attached. So, I took those back. This time, the store rep called around and found me a great pair of 9.5D in New Orleans and had them overnighted. Out of the box, they were great, but when I tried them on, they didn't fit. It was at this point I realized that the first pair were seconds because the leather was cut too small (they were also 9.5D's, but the felt far more snug). By this time, I knew I was going to Orlando and I knew that there's a retail store there, so I took them along. I returned them for a pair of 9D's, and happy with the fit, I set our. However, when I got outside, I realized the weave was undone (same problem I had with the first pair). I took them back inside, but that was the only pair they had. Sigh. I went back to my local store when I got home and explained the situation (at this point, I am uncomfortable going in there because they have been great, it's just been the shoes). The same sales rep that helped me, called New Orleans and found me a good looking pair of 9D's (the best fit). So those came last night, and they looked good except for a crack along the welt along the toe cap. They haven't been worn, so it's not creasing and I am concerned about keeping shoes that already have a crack in them. What should I do?


Sorry for the low quality pics. But notice the crack right above the welt.




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Sounds like you've run into a patch of bad luck. It's your money-- and you paid retail for them. Return them if they make you uncomfortable, just be nice about it. They probably have another pair lying around at some other store.
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Thanks for the advice. Yeah, it has gotten to the point where I feel bad about returning them, but there have been issues, some AE's fault, some mine. I want to buy AE's because of their reputation and being American made.


I'm just tired of dealing with it to be honest, but I really want the shoes. I just feel like at $345, they should at least come to me with a quality build and leather (obviously there are going to be minor variations, threads that should have been clipped, etc.). Like I said, the store employees have been great.

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That's a totally reasonable expectation; for the money, you should have a pair of intact shoes. I like AE myself. Their company is known to be very understanding about this kind of thing. I think they'd be willing to work with you on this if you explained the situation to them. I think it's worth the trouble if you really want them.
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Welcome to Styleforum.
It appears where you are right now is at the best point in the journey. It is hardly noticeable and once you start wearing them, you'll inevitably scuff them up yourself proper. Then you will be free. AE shoes have their quirks and to me that is part of the charm of a hand made product. This shouldn't affect the performance of the shoes. I have over 30 pair of AE shoes. Some came perfect, others didn't but all were and still are perfectly wearable. Contact Allen Edmonds directly with the photos and make them (politely) aware of your situation.
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