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I like the idea in theory (a really dark burgundy, in something textured like mohair or maybe even linen), but have consistently wussed out when real-life opportunities to acquire have presented themselves. I suppose that says something...

With your epic ffffuuuu.gif windowpane DB suit, and consistently colorful fits of fearlessness, I'm shocked to hear of your apprehension to wear burgundy. In addition to this, I find you look much better in darker colors than lighter, so this type of suit would work for your propensity for color and it would work with your skin tone very well.

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Just do it already!



Yeah, one day, maybe. It would get worn so rarely though...

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I have a wine/burgundy sportcoat I wear rarely. A wine suit I would wear even less -- probably not at all.
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Easy. Nay. There's no way or nowhere I'm going to wear a burgundy suit. But I guess it depends on the nature of someone's work. For creative people/environment this can work.

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Definitely for those outside of the legal/financial circle, as I implied earlier.  However, given how broad the category 'artistic/creative' has gotten in these digital decades, I'm surprised at the timorousness of the commenters here.  Loosen up, guys, a little color never hurt anyone.  Consider the Churchwell Brothers and do thou likewise.

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I think if you're going for a "fun" blazer, I like that better than a lot of the patterned checks/Madras types of jacket out there. 


The pants are less useful (i.e. no suit) but could see pairing them with a very dark gray jacket for evening as an interesting change of pace. 

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I tend to think of burgundy blazers as best reserved for hotel staff, car rental teams and the like.

A burgundy suit? Best worn with a broad brimmed hat when you have "turned out" a string of girls on the street...and you're back in 1975, Leroy.
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^^This colour is more like wine.

I know what you mean, less Burgundy and more Bordeaux. snork[1].gif

Navy or dark burbundy is much of a muchness to me.
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Velvet smoking or GTFO.
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