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Originally Posted by Jackie Treehorn View Post

Damn teens! Checkin' the time on their pocket-telephones, listenin' to their jungle music, drivin' around in their Camaros! This country used to have class, I tell ya. Class.

This I like.
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Originally Posted by MikeDT View Post

Cellphones do seem to be getting larger these days though, especially some of the Android ones. Pulling out a Samsung Galaxy Note is certainly not a discrete way of telling the time.

Even if you pull out the 10" tab nobody around here would notice.

When you consider how large some watches have gotten the idea that a phone is too big shog[1].gif Hell I've seen women wearing watches almost the size of the note.

Glancing at your watch in polite company is wrong. Glancing at your phone is wrong.
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i used to own lange, patek, breguet etc

But these days i wear no watch

it just looks old to me in the phone era

i was an aficianado, and spent a lot of money on mechanical timepieces

but, i realized they are an anachronism now

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I feel naked without a watch on my wrist
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"Do you have the right time? watch has stopped."
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Originally Posted by curzon View Post

Watch or not, I think you'll need commit to one and then so be it. I speak from experience. All my shirts' left cuffs were cut a bit larger than the right cuff to accommodate the watch on my wrist. In Accra I was mugged, beaten, and left in the road for dead. With the loss of my watch my shirts no longer fit correctly (about 3/4 inch more gap with the left cuff than the right). Can't have that, yeah? So into the bin they went. At not an inconsiderable sum I had to have new shirts made.


Why not just move the cuff button over 3/4 inch until you get a new watch?

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Originally Posted by Alphataru View Post

Comparing people who check time on their phones, which is ubiquitous now to graphic tees just show how out of touch with the society you are.
Considering graphic tees are also pretty much ubiquitous among a large portion of the population, I don't really see how the comparison is invalid.
Originally Posted by Alphataru View Post

What are you, 75?

What are you, 16?
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Originally Posted by Trompe le Monde View Post

first watch i ever bought on my own was at 16 from my first job...
4380 days later, i've NOT worn a watch maybe 30 total days.
feels absolutely strange not having one on my wrist

I think I got my first at age 4 before I was able to tell time, so I could learn, my mother regrets that day to this day, as she at 10 started asking me "do you really need another watch" smile.gif

I always wear one, the only time I don't have it one is when I wear short sleeves in the summer, sleep and shower, I hate watch tan lines.

I don't think I could go without, but I'm a nerd and I got all exited the other day, when I saw the new MB&B / Urwerk C3H5N3O9 Experiment made with rotary technology. inlove.gif
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I'm in the ridiculous situation of carrying an old Nokia phone because I prefer using a phone for phone calls, and a BlackBerry (from and for work) and an iPhone (for personal email and web stuff, where it beats the BB hands down). At least the BB and the iPhone balance each other out in the front pockets of my coat. And I travel a lot, so there are advantages, in redundancy (if my BlackBerry battery dies, I still have another smartphone and a phone); in being able to have different devices set to different time zones (I am useless at calaculatiing time difference in my head); and in having working comms of some sort in places with often challlenging networks/providers. Oh yeah, and an iPad half the time too, though often alternated with the iPhone.

And I still wear a watch. I may be a bit of a "watch guy", but I just can't imagine not doing so. It would be as weird as wearing shoes without socks.

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Geezer brings up an excellent point: those of us who fancy ourselves as a bit of a watch guy, will always lean towards the importance of said watch over said phone. The importance of me being instantly accessible has waned over the past few years, with my senior employees able to handle anything I typically do (in many cases more ably, if I do say so myself with a great deal of pride). No amount of sparkly adornment will make my Iphone as timeless (no pun intended) as a Seamaster.
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I'm fine without wearing a watch.

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watches are the shit and ya'll suck if you don't wear them (unless you don't have any reason to care what time it is, then carry on).

I'm sorry, but pulling out your phone to check the time looks terrible (not to mention, rude, if you are talking to someone...checking your watch is appropriate in lots of situations but if you pull out your phone, it looks like you just got a text and you think it is more important to read it now than listen to what I am saying). If you want to check the time in a dark theater, you would have to turn on a bright, backlit device while every watch I own would still be legible and not require you fumbling around your pockets. Or if you are in a crowded train, you just need to pull back your cuff a bit instead of figuring our how to dig into your pockets without elbowing your neighbor and rearranging anything you are carrying.

Its not like they have to be day to day watch is a timex easy reader on a nato band and it will last for years and years before needing so much as a fresh battery.

And the cell phone on the table thing...bah...what might fly in a business meeting in the conference room is not cool at the bar/restaurant with your friends.
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If I leave home without my phone, I continue going to where I'm going. If I leave home without my watch, I will go home to get it
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Originally Posted by ThatGuy View Post

If I leave home without my phone, I continue going to where I'm going. If I leave home without my watch, I will go home to get it

lol, dang, that takes commitment.

if I make it to the street outside my apartment without my watch, I probably won't turn back unless I am going somewhere special. If I make it 2-3 blocks away without my phone, I would probably turn back.

Of course, I am racing sailboats after work today so the watch I am wearing isn't even nice...its a digital timex expedition with a countdown timer (for timing the start).
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iPods are not jewelry and are tasteless as time pieces. Wear a nice watch. It beautifully accents the cuff and wrist, is elegant and can also serve as a conversation piece.
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