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Has anyone ever tried tanning creams?

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Right now i go to a tanning salon and am generally happy with the results. The only thing i don't like is the area around my eyes that is covered with the protective goggles doesn't tan and the area between my neck and shoulder doesnt tan as well as other parts of my body do (I'm guessing this is cause the light doesn't hit it directly). I'm curious about these self-tanning creams though (I don't mean the stuff you apply before getting in the tanning bed). Do they work? How often do you have to use them? If they're something that you have to "paint" on every couple of days it could get really expensive (4.4oz of zirh's bronze=$22.50). Like i said i'm generally happy with the tanning salon but i wonder how it might affect my skin in the long term.
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I admit it; I sometimes use tanning lotion. I have some Nivea Sun ($8.50) and I have been using it since my acne cleared up somewhat and left scars and red spots which are still slowly fading away. I am relatively fair-skinned and I live in Seattle where we are well known for our pallor, so I use it to even out my skin tone and make it look healthier and reduce the appearance of the scars etc. It works great, I just put it on right after showering on a Sunday morning or when I won't be doing anything important. It smells a little funny, but I actually have been told I smell good when I had it on. "Uh.. yeah, that's my new cologne.. eau du soleil bouteillé.." Just be sure to scrub the hell out of your hands (both sides) and elbows/knees after using it or you will have orange spots there. Otherwise it is great; it looks really natural and is a great way to start a real tan early.
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I used to go to the tanning beds a lot, until I started realizing that all of the literature that I read discussing the long term effects of the bed were true, and the long-term effects were just not worth it. So, I applaud and agree with your efforts to get some color out of the bottle. If you are looking for a tan look on your face, Aramis Surface has just come out with a new product that is almost like a women's bronzer, but for men. You might want to look into that. As far as the tans in the bottle, my law school roommate tried it once. Somehow, he didn't apply it evenly and he got it all over his hands. He looked like an orange Oompa Loompa from Willy Wonka. So, I have never followed in his footsteps and tried one. Just a warning if you do try it, take your time and apply evenly.
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I have never gone to the tanning beds, or laid out in the sun to achieve a tan. I have a great risk of skin cancer on both sides of my family and, on top of that, as a child, I burned my self badly on my left arm (two third degrees burns, two second degree burns). Those scars are all but fading away now, thankfully, but it still raises my risks even further for the before mentioned cancer and diseases. So, my only option would be those "tan-in-a-bottle" lotions. Unfortunately, I have only tried it once and it left me (though, I did apply it evenly) with a strange orange'ish tint. Needless to say, the ribbing I got for the next week and a half turned me off to ever using it again. But, if you can find a brand that does well on giving you a natural and believable tint, well, go for it. Better a fake tan now, then skin cancer later.
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The only tan in a bottle i ever used and continue to use is Lancome Soleil Flash Bronzer. However I only use it on my face. The results are pretty good considering the horror stories i have heard from other self tanners. It does apply evenly and gives a natural bronze tint to my face. The only downside is that it only lasts a day, pretty much till you wash it off (this may be a good thing also) and that its smells awful. I usually apply some a few hours before i go out at nite, let it soak in and then wash my face with water so it dosn't smell. I'm only gonna suggest this because of the natural color it gives. If anyone tried any other self tanners please let us know. I really want to try the zirh tanner, anyone tried it?
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Not to rehash an old, spent topic (I recycled this from the very beginning) but I recalled there was some interest in finding self-tanners that actually work.  Most I'd tried before turned me yellow, and I wasn't a big fan of that cirrhosis of the liver-style complexion.  But I finally found one that does a great job, so I'd recommend you give it a shot.  Its made by Lab Series for Men, and I've only seen it at Sephora.  Very natural, no streaks, no yellow or orange glow- so far, anyway (it's been about one month).  I'm a lifelong Floridian who recently moved a bit further north, so I had been going through tan-withdrawal symptoms for a while.   Aramis Healthy Look Gel is great, too but can't be used to give a nice, base tan.  Instead, it just "punches up" your color for a healthier look (hence the name).  Anyway, if anyone's interested, I'm now a fan of Lab Series (and its pretty cheap, too- $15).
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