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I don't wear denim jackets and also shirts with short sleeves.

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Originally Posted by MikeDT View Post

Perhaps it never gets above 80 degrees F in Montreal? That's Canada, can be a rather cold place isn't it? He also lists that he doesn't wear shorts, sandals/flip-flops or any kind of surfing clothes. AFAIK there's no surfing in Quebec province. No need for any kind of surfing gear in Inner Mongolia either, it's landlocked.

I meant to say shirts with short sleeve, not t-shirts....
By the way it's as hot as in NYC in montreal... 105 F last week

About the surf clothes...even if we don't have any place to practice the sport lol, lots of people like the ''style'' :-(
i'm talking about oneil shorts, billabong t-shirts, white shell necklace, flip flops, oakley get the picture?
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I never wear shorts ,trainers ,sport shirts if I don't do sport..
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I'm gradually phasing out my denim trousers. Used to wear them all the time. Now I have two pairs that linger in the back of my closet and gets used when I work in the garden or work on my car. Besides, they are not that comfortable anyway.....

Never wear bowties outside of white tie (never done black tie). I tried bowties for daily wear, but I just look like a dork...

Never wear "funny socks".
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I generally don't wear any shirts with cover art, and don't really wear jeans.

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I tend to abhor short sleeves shirts, shorts (i tried to figure it out, but I can't recall a single occasion i wore them, even in my early childhood), and everything recalls to me the idea of the ghetto-hiphop fashion. Therefore, sometimes I feel the urge to throw in my fireplace baseball caps, incongrous chains and very loose pants. No need to mention overdimensioned trainers.

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I don't wear designer brands that have typos and Chinglish phrases. Although most people don't seem to notice it, I do.
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Don't wear cut-off bib overalls.
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