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I have MTM shirts from several makers. What I'd really like to see is the fabric mill's logo, the maker I will remember, but mills tend to slip my mind. Any shirt will only last so long as the fabric lasts.
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Thank you for the suggestions friends.


Our idea was to free you from that thought process. Choose the design, choose the weight and rest assured.


But, the case for not only continuing but focusing on mill names along with fabrics is strong. We will certainly reconsider.

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Luxire - Cufflinks : Coming Soon




Blue Dobby Chambray - Contrast lining and contrast threads

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Nice! About time that these online custom shirts starting to sell accessories too.

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Make them double-sided please!
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I think it's best if the customer know which mill the fabric is from.
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Count me in the list-the-mills camp as well. 

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Originally Posted by luxire View Post

The fabrics we have are from different sources including TMason and other reputed mills.We are moving towards a standard of classifying each fabric as Luxire instead of the mill that makes it.
We select our fabrics based on our quality standards and stand by each shirt we make.
You can thus choose any of Luxire fabric and be confident that they would meet your high expectations. Do go by the description and do feel free to ask any questions regarding its weight or feel.
Thanks. I, as others have stated, would prefer the sources stated.
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For those of you who have ordered are you submitting shirt measurements or body measurements?

All the positive reviews here make me really want to give a shot. If you gave body measurements did the shirt come out as wanted? or were tweaks needed?

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Originally Posted by akatsuki View Post

Make them double-sided please!


Some double sided coming too.

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In my opinion, the more detailed your information about: where the cotton is grown, how you sourced the cotton and who mills the cotton, is always better. A bio into the some of the Indian tailors and how you developed your relationship with them, would also add a nice touch. It doesn't need to be O.T.T but 3-4 sentences would be awesome.


I am one of those guys that are a sucker for the story behind each piece of clothing. It is quite nostalgic for me. It makes me cherish and take care of my clothes more so than I would otherwise.

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Some great suggestions here.
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Not knowing the origin of a fabric will not discourage me from ordering it, especially if there is still information about the weave (e.g. 120/2, 30s, etc.). However, I think it can only be a good thing to use brand names like Monti, Thomas Mason, etc. if they are available to use.
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Just sent an email about getting that tux shirt made - although I didn't see a nice pique fabric on the website which is something I would like.

PS - I agree, include the makers.
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Yes include makers; oh and never change you pricing fistbump.gif


Love it if you posted any pants you've made!

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