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Anyone recommend a blue shirt fabric? A twill or something medium weight (don't like super light weight fabrics)

Was going to get the skye blue Dobby twill, but worried it'll be the same color as sky blue oxford and redundant, so asking for other fabrics.
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Originally Posted by Dingusberry View Post

These comments make me worried. Theresa said right before I ordered a pair of trousers and a shirt that it only takes 2-3 weeks from now on. And I placed my order 21 July and really hope I get them before I move out in mid-September.

Comments like that make me angry, for no particular reason, but I am actually annoyed, because it creates negativity where nothing negative has occured.

How the hell are you getting worried, because someone's order hasnt been shipped two weeks after it was submitted? Especially after someone else said that his order was turned around in less than a week.

You want your order by mid September, but you are panicked by orders that might take a month, I dont get it.
Just relax ffs. The process is way faster than comparable offers and people pretend like they should receive their orders before they even submitted them.
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He said worried. He didn't say he was freaking out or mad at luxire. Relax.
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I hate Luxire for making me realize that I've overpaid for trousers my entire life.


My timotune fauxbrosis arrived via FedEx without additional customs this week. I intended them as golf trousers but after handling them for 5 minutes I've come to realize that they are much much too nice.


They nailed the fit on their first pair (with maybe a couple minor adjustments in overall length), hand work and detailing is simply stunning, the cloth given the price is more than decent. Overall, I hereby solemnly swear to hand over the entirety of my coming tax return to Luxire for I need trousers. loads of them.


Without further ado I submit to you a small pic dump:














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Nice + really great fit!
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Clapey those are not something I could picture wearing myself, but they look awesome, nice fit! Construction looks superb as well, can't wait to get my first pair of Luxire trousers.

I just added 49 shirt and 23 trouser swatches to my most recent order, so I'll post some pics and reviews here once I get them.
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clapeyron, those look fantastic overall. Quality and fit are superb.


One very minor thing concerns me though, and it's this:



The leg crease should connect with that of the pleat. Nothing you can't fix with a good home pressing, I'm sure. Just thought I'd point it out.


What cloth is this, may I ask. The $89.99 chino? I'm waiting on the Cream Twill Chino myself.

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I can find VERY little to complain about in the fit of those pants.; the seat, in particular, is outstanding.

Did you send them an example of existing pants that you had them copy or did you provide them with measurements yourself?

Really well done.

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Originally Posted by clapeyron View Post

They nailed the fit on their first pair (with maybe a couple minor adjustments in overall length)...


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Overall, looks like a very nice job, and I prefer the quality of the detailing on these trousers to the jacket posted a page or so back. Re: fit, though, don't you think the seat might be a little tight as well? If this was RTW, I wouldn't be too bothered (and I have a pair or two that fit not dissimilarly) but as it's custom anyway, it's probably worth adding some more room there on your next order. Looks OK enough from the front and around the hips, so it's probably just the seat itself that needs a little more room.

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As requested by our friend



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Those buttons look fantastic!
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Got my shipping notice for my Minnis fresco trousers today. 26 days from placing an order to shipping for a custom job is pretty great in any book and I can't wait to see if Luxire is able to consistently reduce this time further. Can't wait to see the trousers in person based on everyone's reviews. Next up are going to be some Minnis flannel trousers, a pair of corduroys and a pair of moleskins.
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clapey, fantastic looking trousers!
Am too curious what fabric you did chose.

Luxire, lovely shirt.
Is that a NOBD collar?
EDIT: Woops, it says so in the url.
Is it a NOBD 1 or 2?
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Clapey, those are fantastic. Did you send them trousers to copy, or just provide measurements?
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