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Originally Posted by EvilGenius007 View Post

Thanks! Can anyone more familiar with this technology (or maybe digital printing in general) confirm that means 300 pixels per inch, as in a 3000x3000 image would be ideal for a 10" square, and if I wanted a 16" square I should be shooting for 4800x4800?

Yes, 16 x 16 would by 4800 x 4800 at 300 PPI.

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First order

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Small timer; from earlier today:

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Number 2 and 3 of this fabric?
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Number 2 and 3?

Edit: Haha!
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I guess you ordered BD w/ collar roll?
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You ordered 2. I wondered if you were the one that already had one (and wrote about it on a blog)?

No BD for me.
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Originally Posted by Rankiz View Post

I guess you ordered BD w/ collar roll?

Then you guessed wrong; #1738 w/ 3.25" points, unfused and lightly lined. I usually only like BD with oxford shirts.

NOBD: Nope, don't have a blog. There's a blog post about the fabric?
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I'm not sure about the blog post anymore shog[1].gif. I confused you for VRaivio:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by VRaivio View Post

Happy to help, here is the fabric in snowy Finnish sunlight:


From afar is looks like plain light blue, up-close it's a different animal. It's this one on Luxire's site:


I was surprised how strong the weave is, it really does not stretch at all, and yet is open enough to let air flow freely. I'll be writing about the weave soon on my site.
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Originally Posted by lachyzee View Post

There's no doubt that the addition of other products has seemed to add to the delay of the core business (shirts).

Does anyone remember the initial launch with a "5 day turnaround"?

I am a big Luxire fan, as a look through this thread will show. But I myself have been waiting for a suit that I paid for on 25 March, and a quilted jacket, and a suit jacket of my own that I sent them to copy a week or so earlier (and said that I needed back ASAP!). I understand that there have been delays since this is the first full suit they have made and one of the first quilted jackets, and that there were delays sourcing good quality materials and labour, and I accept these as not representative of a regular order, but it still concerns me. I was initially told the whole thing would be with me in three weeks, if I recall correctly.

My concern is that Luxire is simply expanding too quickly, and instead of adding new products every couple of weeks, they should focus on pumping out the existing products a bit quicker, especially shirts.

I stress that my communications with Theresa have generally been fantastic, including sending me in progress shots of my suit and quilted jacket, although there has been a noticeable time lag in receiving responses lately.

Every product I have received has been of great quality, and I have no doubt that my suit will be the same. But I am worried, because at the moment the delays reported in this thread seem to be increasing rather than decreasing...

I think you've nailed the primary issue. It started with the addition of trousers. I'm not going to complain because of the extremely high quality of the trousers...seriously folks, I will not buy trousers/pants off the rack anymore. 


I was shocked that they had added and taken so much in about 2 or 3 monts time. They've gone from a shirtmaker to a full range bespoke clothing maker. That's quite a leap and I don't think they have competition in that regard. They need a whole new website in my opinion and the back room processes to accompany it.  

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Originally Posted by mrjester View Post

Send in a shirt to duplicate with a list of changes. That's how my model got started. Worked really well.

Once they copy your shirt, do they let you know what your measurements are as an FYI?
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Originally Posted by taxgenius View Post

Once they copy your shirt, do they let you know what your measurements are as an FYI?

We do not really save measurements, we instead save your shirt in the form of a real pattern made of thick cardboard paper, with your details written on it.


The idea is to save it for life and be able to provide the same exact fit shirt after shirt, year after year, if you so desire.


But, if you would like the measurements, we can provide that as well.

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I have a long neck and a penchant for vintage-inspired point collars. My request was for 5cm back height with 10 cm point length and 8½ cm spread along with a Turnbull&Asser-like swoop from the neck to the points. Here is Luxire's interpretation of my collar request. I'm quite happy with it. Unfused, but stiff, I call this model The Ville Collar.


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Love to see what it looks like on Ville; still love to see anyone's Mercer Collar PERDY PLEASE!

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My shirt with a mercer collar shipped today - ill be sure to take pictures when it gets here in a few days.
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