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Wearing contrast collar casually?

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What do you guys think? I'm talking chinos + rolled up sleeves

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Yeah, fine, sure.
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A few years back this was all the rage in the fashion world, though it seems to have subsided. I'm still a big fan of contrast collars, though, and, while they seem to burst into and out of popular trends, they will remain a timeless choice in my book.

The real brilliance of the contrast collar, IMO, is that it will permit a man whose complexion is flattered by white to pull off a very wide range of colors that otherwise may not suit him quite as well.
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Not a fan.
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Nope - don't do it. At least not if it's made from a 'dress shirt' fabric.

Same is true of a solid color shirt - if the fabric is poplin or other 'flat weave' it just looks wrong with casual trousers.

Oxford cloth or something with a texture is fine - but you aren't going to find many contrast collar shirts in textured fabrics.
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Keep it for suits.
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I love contrast collar but with suits.
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The last time anyone pulled this off was in late 60's Rolling Stones PR pics. And, not with sleeves rolled up.
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Wearing contrast collars AT ALL? Always reminds me of the lovely gents from Boston Legal. 

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I had to do this once because I couldn't do laundry and all I had available was a contrast collar shirt. Don't do it, it looks awful. I had to buy another shirt that day lol8[1].gif

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I did it yesterday: jeans, contrast collar, linen sc, suede saddle shoes. Imma Bowse.
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Well at least you were wearing a SC. OP was talking about rolled up sleeves...

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A coworker used to wear contrast collar everyday it was silly. So no, not really a huge fan either here.

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