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My first car rocked!

1971 Datsun 1600 - which was called a 510 in other countries.

Same color and not dissimilar in appearance to this one:

Mine was lowered, but not that far. Similar wheels on it.

I bought it in 1993 for about 2000 AUD (~1500 USD), sold it in 99 for about 1200 (~800)....they have since become crazy collectable and worth much more.

I loved that thing - so fast, rear wheel drive (so it spent a lot of time sideways), good on fuel. Wish I never sold it.
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My first-

In dark green. Ex-airport operations vehicle from my dad.

What I want if I can afford one-

Hopefully a newer body style, in a convertible if possible. Probably my dream car.

And the car I own in my dreams that I will never be able to afford -

In silver, as a convertible. The DB9 is glorious indeed.

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A 2004 Silver jeep liberty in 2004.
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Originally Posted by hopkins_student
I kept it for five years, at which point the maintenance required was no longer worth it. How long did you hold on to yours?

I drove the Buick for two years. I then started commuting to college through neighborhoods that are not known for their safety, so I thought I needed something a little more reliable (not that the Buick wasn't reliable per se, but at this point it had about 12 years under its belt and god knows how many miles and would have issues now and then). Through summer and part-time jobs I had saved up enough money for a down payment on a brand spankin' new Honda Civic coupe. I drove the Honda for about 6 years and put almost 200,000 miles on it before I sold it.
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A 10 year old white Datsun, bought off a Princeton student for 300 dollars, 2 months after arriving in the States. It had a hole through which you could see the road, on the passenger side. Made a wonderful impression when I gave rides to big shot professors. Failed inspection when I moved to NY state.
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My first car was a turquoise VW Rabbit -- can't even remember the model year, but must've been mid to late-80s. I liked the looks of the car but had a ton of trouble with it. One time during a road-trip to Florida, I felt a sudden *thump* toward the back end; pulled off the freeway and jacked up the car, and the back wheel fell off.... Scary.
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Renault 5 850cc 37 Hp 1979.Bought in 1990 for £70.

Feel the power!
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A 1986 Nissan pickup in 2000. I bought it from my parents for $1 while I was in college.
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1992 Oldsmobile Achieva with the 3.3 liter V6 making a massive 160 bhp.

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$1,000 for 1980 Chevy Malibu Station wagon.
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1964 Ford Falcon sedan, three speed on the column. Threw a rod trying to go 60 on the Interstate.

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A 1966 TR4A. It cost $660 and wiped out my entire summer savings working at Kentucky Fried Chicken at $2.10 an hour. Nothing beats the feeling of freedom and possibility you get driving your first car.
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1971 Dodge Challenger Convertible.

Best looking muscle car ever made.

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1998 Nissan Maxima GLE, V6. Bought in 2005. Just sold it recently, I don't have need for a car right now. EDIT: Hoping for an early/mid-90's MB E-Class for next car.
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I had a '60s Mercedes which cost $4000 in its first year to maintain.
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