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Your First Car

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Tiecollector mentioned in the other thread that his first car was a datsun, and I thought it would be interesting if people shared what their first car was.

My first car, a 1988 Buick Regal:

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White 1991 Acura Legend two door that had been my mom's for a while. I got it in '99.
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Originally Posted by hopkins_student
White 1991 Acura Legend two door that had been my mom's for a while. I got it in '99.

Haha awesome. I should mention that I got my 1988 Regal in 1998.
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I kept it for five years, at which point the maintenance required was no longer worth it. How long did you hold on to yours? edit: five years
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My first car was a 1985 BMW 318i I bought in March, 1985. It was actually a gift.
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1991 Honda CBR600 was my first vehicle. My first auto was a 1990 Ford Escort.
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A 1965 Mustang on my 18th birthday, 29 years ago. I rebuilt the entire car, replacing just about every part, then sold it to pay to go do missionary work for two years. I sold it to my neighbor across the street and he totaled it two weeks after buying it from me while racing it! This picture is all I have left, and the memories.

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1986 Honda Civic WAGOVAN! Talk about a party on wheels. Bought it for $200 from my uncle. Drove the piss out of it (including taking it off roading more than one time). Eventually I rolled it off a gravel road and down a cliff... good times. Sold it for $200 wrecked. Insurance never knew.
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1983 Isuzu Gemini 4 door sedan, diesel engine, in white. Hated it.
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The hoopty, in all it's glory. And of course, the loving pooch who just had to have her tail whacked off, who is no longer with us. These pics were taken 2001.

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Do you still drive that car?
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Originally Posted by LabelKing
Do you still drive that car?

No, I knew when I bought it that it needed a new oil gasket but I didn't have the $150 or so at the time so I filled it with oil and then started driving it. The oil light came on but I thought it was just trippin so 15 miles later *poof* went the engine in a big black ball of smoke on I-80. Later we had to pay a junkyard to take it because I couldn't give it away for parts even.
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First car I drove regularly (for work and things) - 1987 Volvo 740 GLE sedan. Wife and I were handed it down from mother in law. Had 283k miles I think and had little maintenance in its tragic life. Transmission eventually died. Well, more like fizzled out.
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The year was 1984, the car was a 1963 VW Beetle, rusted all over, not running, given to me by a friend of my father that owed him some money. It cost me $300 to get running and it lasted about 3 months before it completely fell apart. I replaced it with a pretty nice 1973 Beetle that I drove for a few years.
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My first car was a 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier LS sedan, which I purchased from my grandfather. I took delivery of it in the fall of 2000, and drove it through college and out to Chicago for graduate school. It is still my daily driver, with just over 102,000 miles on it. I plan on keeping it another 2 or 3 years, and then will probably trade it in. Although it certainly isn't my favorite car in the world, it has gotten me from one point to another, and it is still in great condition. When the time comes to trade it in, I would like to get either an Audi A3, A4, Volvo S40 (or V50) or VW Passat.
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