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Getting cut up

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Since summer is arond the corner I am moving away from building from gaining mass and I am now trying to get lean for the summer. Does anyone have any types or tricks on getting lean. I now the basics like cardio and diet.
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If you know the basics, then you should be off to a good start. Some things that will get you shredded (hopefully I'll tell you something you don't know): 1. What you put in your mouth is the most important thing. Benchmark your daily calories to about 10X your bodyweight. Count macronutrients (50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fat) you can adjust this to your goals, but don't let carbs get to over 40%. Eliminate sugar and white anything (rice, pasta, bread), these forms of carbs are too simple and easily converted into fat. Stick with veggies, beans, whole grains and a LITTLE fruit, preferably after workouts because your muscles need it. Spread your calories over five or six small meals a day, breakfast being the biggest and dinner the smallest, trying to eat most of your carbs in the morning and after weight training. 2. Cardio should be done first thing in the morning, 30-40 min on an emty stomach about 5 times a week. You will burn something like 300% more fat this way and it will increase your metabolism for the entire day. 3. Don't go easy on the weights just because you're eating right and doing cardio. Muscle burns fat, so get there 3-4 times a week. You may want to begin your burn-outs since your trying to get ripped. 4. Change. Your routine in training should shift every few months to aviod plateaus. Reps, exercises, sets, days of the week, all of this should be kept fresh. Xenadrine works in the initial stages but I've found it counterproductive when you get "down to the wire." Glutamine is great to help with protien synthesis and glycogen production in the muscles. It gets real important if you get less than 100 carbs a day and are still training hard. Feel free to email me if you want more advice or some great links. Good luck.
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About Xenadrine. I bought it, took it, and in days felt sick. I have a feeling it was the ephedrine. I saw an add for ephedrine-free Xenadrine, but wouldn't that be the main thing you're taking it for? What are the benefits that are lost with the ephedrine? PS: Ephedrine IS bad for you.
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The benifits lost are basically the increased heartrate and metabolism you get by taking ephadrine. All of these fat-burners are really self-contained ECA (ephadrine, caffine, asprin) stacks. Together they thin the blood, increase the heartrate and metabolism. The other ingredients in these supplements are really just there to help aid the body's natural breakdown of fatty acids. I saw the new stuff too and don't think it will work. Yes, it's all bad for you, but everything in moderation, right? You could get the same results by eating right ALL the time, but I'm saying this as I eat a Twix bar...
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