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Creatine/thermo serum

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I'm interested in trying Creatine Serum and Thermo Serum.  You're supposed to be able to take them five minutes before a workout and experience minimal side effects compared to creatine monohydrate and Xenadrine, respectively.  I'm somewhat skeptical, so I'm wondering if anyone has tried them and been satisfied with the results.  In addition, can they be taken together?  I've read that creatine and Xenadrine should not be taken at the same time because they cancel each other out.
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I've tried the creatine Serum before and had some fair results with it, eventhough my body doesn't really like creatine. Most powdered creatines tend to bloat me a tad ( I know I've just painted a great image  ) Xenadrine and Creatine will not cancel eachother out as they each serve a different function. So you'll be OK. The best supplement I can recommend is glutamine. "Glutamine supplementation may promote nitrogen retention (a positive nitrogen balance) and prevent the loss of muscle protein (6). A decreased ratio of testosterone to cortisol is believed to be directly responsible for losses in muscle mass since cortisol promotes the synthesis of glutamine synthetase. By maintaining intracellular concentrations of glutamine within the skeletal muscles, the synthesis of glutamine synthetase mRNA may be inhibited and thus the loss of intracellular nitrogen through glutamine may be prevented. Furthermore, by enhancing plasma concentrations of glutamine, the demand for free glutamine by other tissues and cells (e.g. the small intestine and immune cells) is attenuated and thus the release of glutamine from muscle tissues is reduced (3). I use two scoops a day, one at lunch and one before bed. This has really helped me pack on some clean muscle (along with a good diet).
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May I suggest that you skip the Creatine Syrum in favor for the Creatine Resum. The syrum contains only 2.5 grams of creatine while the resum (also taken 30 minutes before a workout, no loading phase, no water retention, etc.) contains 7 grams....
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