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The Review Thread (Contains Spoilers)

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I've made this thread, so people can post reviews, to albums/films/TV shows/games they have recently heard/seen/played—although, date of release is not explicit to the terms of posting—and for those said, to practice their prose. You can use any grading system you want—numbers/letters/stars—or none at all! It would be nice for people, to chip in with ideas on how, to improve one's vocabulary, etc. I respectfully ask, that people try, to see this thread, as how I have mentioned above and not, to focus on people's opinions but, rather, their writing. Also, helpful criticism is always preferred over 'this is shit,' etc. That is my only stipulation. Thank you.

As OP, I'll go first:

Life (Questions) and Death


Prometheus is a triumph in both visuals and storytelling. While the typical sci-fi beginning questions are explored, they are done so through magnificent cinematography and acting. Three of those actors/actresses, in particular, are sturdy: Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace), David (Michael Fassbender) and Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron). The first is another strong woman character, not unlike Sigourney Weaver in Alien—she performs a lower abdominal procedure on herself, to remove a near aged alien—who is one of the scientists taken along as a ‘true believer,’ to find out if our ‘engineers’ indeed exist. David is a robot—who, typical to Alien franchise fashion, turns out to be bad—who infects Shaw’s partner and lover with some of the alien DNA—which proceeds to infest it’s host, and causes his death indirectly—and, basically, does whatever he can during the mission for his ‘father’ Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), founder and CEO of Weyland Corp. The last is the, supposedly, Weyland Corp mission representative who is on board, to make sure Weyland Corp’s interests are looked after (you understand what that means). I want, to finish by saying, that all the negative feelings and reviews online have, quite expectantly, turned out, to be little more than hogwash. I have heard complaints, that the plot is poorly written/executed. This could be no further from the truth; the film is, essentially, an Alien film, but with the added bonus of the creator question. All I can hope is, that these questions get followed through in the inevitable sequel.

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Just to show a review of another form of art. It's a shame; no one seems interested. frown.gif

Violence as Evidence

Max Payne 3

The third edition to the series displays more of a jovial atmosphere—replacing New York for Brazil has really lightened the mood—and this is the axle to the whole game. The fact that the cartoon strip monologue has been replaced, by an inner one gives more time to the fight sequences (you get more game time, but you lose on atmosphere), and a lot of the somewhat childish, dark humour has been lost—for better or worse. While not much has changed in literal gameplay, bullet time is far less of a novelty: Due to it’s replication in games, but, more so, the increased number of enemies, and the more wave FPS style of shooting required. This is what happens to such individual, stylised games given the time, for major releases like Modern Warfare and Uncharted to be released. Max Payne’s joined the bandwagon, and gone blockbuster.

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That Sweet, Sweet R&B

Frank Ocean: Channel Orange

As opposed to Nostalgia, ULTRA, Channel Orange is smoother, less hip-hop and more soulful. While the mixtape that took the world by storm was a beatmaking-come-hitmaking process, Ocean’s début is more personal, reflective and at ease with itself. Ocean meanders through memories, thoughts and philosophies; all on the back of a groove—hay, ‘groove’ is another word for ‘channel’—few artists, new and old, could pull off. This new pace enhances the singing, but it also brings down the intensity which propelled the mixtape; some of the sounds and beats seem like B sides. This is what this album could have been were it not for Ocean’s irrefutable flow, rhythm, lyricism and voice. Yes, the album is weaker in hook than the mixtape, but it is stronger in meaning.

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