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canali kei jacket - fit

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the current fit of a canali kei jacket seems to be v short (& tight) with extremely a high notch on the lapel. what on earth is canali thinking with this? i suspect trying to play to young people who dont really know how to dress themselves and are probably more used to going to abercrombie for a hoodie.


i like the idea of an unstructured sportscoat with v little padding, but the cut of the canali kei jacket imho does not deserve the high praise it gets on this board as the fit is quite terrible and playing to the current fashion for young men to wear a jacket 2/3 inches short. surely this look will be out of vogue in a season or two when people realise a short jacket which ends just below the hip looks quite ridiculous? 



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Interesting. Are you speaking in regards to recent models only? The Kei jackets from previous seasons I have tried were, indeed, a bit tighter than the standard Canali 13XXX, meaning sizing up would have been needed for me. However, the Kei length seemed to be almost comparable to the structured jackets, that is to say slightly shorter, but not dramatically so. It is a shame if they messed with the fit of these.

Personally, I really like the unstructured Canali line (not Kei) - runs true to size and has just a little padding in the shoulders while retaining the unlined interior and patch pockets. Of course I usually just choose Isaia though.
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