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Bottega´s whole show was as solid as that first look. I think they´re usually amongst my favorites in terms of the items they put out. Great style on each piece and the quality stands out. I need to get me one of those long tees with the chest cut out or the the sweaters with the drawstring/laces whatever they´re called.

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Calvin Klein was horrifying. I could recreate every look from Walmart merchandise if I just had some paint and a wooden stamp carved like that floral print he used everywhere.

The plain, neutral-coloured suits and sweats were okay, but they're indistinguishable from the last umpteen seasons of CKC futurism.

Ugliest denim I have ever seen on a runway:

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Last two bottega looks are great
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I like the shapes from Marni, but not the colors. and I wish Prada had been more like last f/w.
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I liked when Raf was doing Jil

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All my resident friends will be most happy to know they can buy BV scrubs.
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+1 bottega
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this is nice. what's the top layer made of? Looks like a transparent material of some sort.
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i have a lanvin jacket have same effect, the out layer is made of silk.
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I'm a Jil fan, and liked the show. I guess I fit in that demographic. I wouldn't expect something outlandish.

Disappointed no YSL. I'm ignorant of fashion enough to have thought the "no resort show" meant a different collection from the standard S/S.
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gamme bleu was cool as always
moar shops should stock it

prada, some female models
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dunno what you guys are seeing in that BV collection.
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BEst site to check the shows. It updates most live shows immediately and the viewing format is 10 times better than's

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c du nimporte koi ......

more at the silent blog i don't wanna keep looking
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