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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

Rei , check cdgh+ especially but lot of her lines have used it
It's because of cdgh+ that I want more!! I bought a pair of shorts and they're awesome. I saw a pair of cropped pants for cheap but don't know how well they would be in the winter time.. being cropped and all.
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Originally Posted by hoozah View Post

I've fallen in love with polyester! Anyone know which designers have made any clothing using boiled poly for fw 2012?

even jil had some shorts (not boiled of course) for ss12. oki ni stocked them
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A small glimpse

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Thanmayah (that's who that is, right?) is one of those brands where you really have to see it in motion I guess

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yeah you can see it in motion with chihuahuas in the pockets it flows nicely too
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Lol, good to know how much pocket space there is teacha.gif

I like that pouch/bag thing. He made that in wool last season right? Or am I thinking of someone else?
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Did someone already post the Siki Im 2013? I like a few of the looks. Full collection here.



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Thanks, Parker. My god. That stuff looks sooooo much better than those few preview images that came out. It's entirely different. I quite like this, actually. Some of it is rehashed, like the cargo jacket and the denim it seems, plus his typical one-button blazer. But on the whole it looks like there's some refining and simplifying, which I'm happy about. Would definitely love to pick some up.

edit: actually, quite a lot of it looks rehashed...like all of it...am I missing something?

edit edit: ok, looks like this was a retrospective shown in Barcelona. The new SS13 is being reserved for NYFW. That's why it was all rehashed. I think the refinement is in the styling, which I definitely think has gotten better in the past year. Wonder why he would show a retrospective considering how young his line is.
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That's the retrospective show in Barcelona. Spring 2013 is for NYFW
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ah, no wonder I didn't see these drop crotchers. I guess I like the older Siki stuff :-)
Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

A preview (I guess) of upcoming Siki Im ss13
more of the same really. only that last leather seems new to me.
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lol that's rather awful !
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since snow brought it up in the other thread, I really like everything in this Siki Im retrospective. I think a lot of the pre-2012 pieces really benefit from being shown again in this context. i'm really kinda kicking myself actually for not picking up some of his pants at the sample sale, though there wasn't much in my size left anyway, I guess. i like how clean, and relaxed, and simple his stuff looks here. it's definitely my favorite show of his (if you can pick a retrospective as a favorite collection tounge.gif )

now just hoping the actual SS13 collection is better than what we've seen...
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so these pieces wont be for sale in ss13, right?
would have been a good opportunity to get something that you missed out on.
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more ss13 looks

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Now that is great stuff!
Nice fabric on the ls tee/hoody combo thing
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