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will work perfectly in h&m.
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wow was the worst thing i've seen in a while. recycled, neutered margiela...
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I hope all the Kanye-biting trendwhores who've been robokopping Rottweiler/shark sweatshirts and birds-of-paradise what-have-you all jump ship to something else when they see a bunch of muted nun prints.

My highly subjective impression of Givenchy over the past few seasons is that they are making clothes for the desperately aspirational customer who is into fashion but aimless beyond that -- they look like clothes for people who want the safest, loftiest thing that's still incredibly loud and recognizable.
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I wouldn't bet on it
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^next ralph lauren?

never got that fucking shark bullshit. same with qlo flower shirt et al. Just something recognisable for people to jump on.
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I think Margiela looks okay. Great tailoring, nice color palette, some arisanal and trompe l'oeil garments, relaxed fits. This is basically what I expect from MMM.

I like the tuxedo drawstring pants and the grey/beige cotton suits worn with printed tshirts. The trompe l'oeil trench coat is nice too.

Dont like the metallic stuff and the shoes.
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Dior Homme was terrible. The lapels were barf worthy

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I liked DH more than I have lately because at least some of Dior's former sharp tailoring seemed to be making a comeback amongst the drapey shit KVA introduced. I think the razor-thin/'vestigial' lapels look fine on the models, but I couldn't pull them off myself / in real-world applicability I guess I agree with Tirailleur. The dark blue leather shoes with red laces looked disgusting.

Why does Acne have a runway show? I hope they 'opened for' somebody else [ laugh.gif ] because that was the least substantial thing I have ever seen: 21 looks, vertical stripes and a denim waistcoat -- it has already vanished entirely from my mind.

I semi-unexpectedly saw a few things I'd consider from BoO. They surely warranted a runway more than Acne did.
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aitor on top of london menswear, literally. no garments! taking more space than any other designer there. genius.


Screen shot 2012-06-30 at 17.47.08.png

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^^ Meh I've seen stuff way shittier than Acne so why not ?

DH reminds me of Ervell, KVA should've stuck to looser stuff for better or for worse, at least keep it somewhat consistent.
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Big up to Komakino for putting huge SS portraits in their lookbook/presentation
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DH was really underwheming and quite boring.

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Inexplicably, I saw a Bernhard Wilhelm look I kind of liked. What is happening to me? ffffuuuu.gif
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It's alright, I too liked it

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